Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Extra Savings!

Hooray! Our internet is back! In the process of fixing it myself, though, I someone caused the phone to go out. When it rains, it pours. Fortunately, I don't care about the phone quite as much. :) I promise to share some pictures at some point, but I'm working against the clock here as I've just put the little man down for his second nap of the day. This is always tricky and not dependable. He may nap for two hours or he may decide he's not napping at all. We've been SO busy lately that he's been in bed after 9 every night (while still getting up before 7) and has only had a mediocre nap the past five days. Hopefully his little body will realize it needs to snooze for a few minutes! (So that Mama can take a shower!)

All that to say that I stopped in just to talk about Willow House. *Cue groans from the grandparents.* I want to share a few things with those that are interested, though!

The deal that I'm offering on Facebook is that anyone who places an order between NOW and the end of the day Friday will receive 20% off their order and it will be shipped directly to you. Between now and then is really busy for me and I will try my best to answer all emails and phone calls that I get about orders, but please know that if you email me or call me and say you want to place an order, I'll honor the 20% discount, even if I don't put the order through until Sunday night!

In addition to the 20% off, there is an incredible sale going on right now! The link to the flier is HERE. The first page is hostess benefits for the month of November. It's almost over, but if you have an order over $125, you can CERTAINLY take advantage of the hostess specials. Get a few friends or family members to order gifts while you're sitting around the table at Thanksgiving! The second, third, and fourth pages are the sales pages. LOTS of Christmas items on sale. There are only a few things sold out right now. My favorite item on the list is the Jolly Holiday Table Runner. It's normally $49.96 but has been marked down to $20.96. Order before Friday evening and it's only $16.77! I own this and LOVE it. I got so many compliments on it last Christmas! (It matches the stockings, too!) There's no minimum order for the sale items! The last page offers a free magazine. To take advantage of Travel + Leisure for free, you just need to order more than $39.96!

As always, anytime you order more than $40 you can purchase anything in the catalog UNDER $40 for half-price!

I'd love to help you complete your Christmas shopping! Now is a great time with the sales and extra discounts! Let me hear from you if I can help!

(Don't place your order online if you'd like the 20% off! It must be done directly through me!)

Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!

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