Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Brother...

I've mentioned before that while we are VERY excited about the arrival of Baby Brother in February, this pregnancy has been TOTALLY different. Our minds have been occupied with the little tornado who lives in our home. We're certainly not less excited, we just don't have as much time to think about things.

I also know that this time around I don't need many new things. (Anna, I totally get the second child thing now. But hand-me-downs are cheaper than totally starting over.) James has a whole wardrobe of 0-24 month clothes just waiting for Baby Brother to claim them. They'll be a little bit off as far as seasons go, but not much. In addition, Charlie and John Michael gifted him with FIFTY (yes, you read that correctly) outfits recently that they've outgrown. FIFTY. And since John Michael is only 18 months old they're probably between 0-12 months. FIFTY! (I counted!) We also have toys, furniture, baby essentials, etc.

So what do we need want for Baby Brother? I'm not really 100% sure! I know that we need all new bedding and curtains because we're fixing James' to fit into his Big Boy room. It won't be as simple as I once thought it would be, but he has so many personalized things that match it that it didn't make sense to get him new things yet. (It's red, black, and khaki - a Georgia theme so he's definitely not outgrown it!)

We need a double stroller because The Boy likes to RUN when we are in public. He is not ready to be out of a stroller just yet. So my question for you, helpful readers, is what KIND of double stroller should I get? We have a Schwinn jogger right now that I take everywhere. I also have a Graco that the carseat fits into. I really, really like the idea of one-behind-the-other seating because we I like to shop and stores aisles are narrow. But the "good" joggers don't make those kind. (Note: I don't jog. I do walk, but to pretend that I'm going to be doing a lot of jogging with the boys is probably ridiculous.) What are your recommendations?

I also know that I need a wrap for this boy. I had a sling with James and honestly didn't use it much. But I've seen a lady at school with three kiddos (two big boys and a baby girl) use hers to keep her hands free while she's getting the boys out and into the school. I'm thinking this would be convenient in almost all situations. I could keep James in the seat part of the grocery cart, continue torturing him by making him hold my hand in the parking lot, and not kill myself by lugging around that 30 pound carseat. Right? What kind did you like?

Okay, the Nap Nanny. They're EXPENSIVE. But are they worth it? As far as baby gear goes we only have a swing (not a portable swing) for tiny babies. Should I ask for one for Christmas?

I do believe that is all...but feel free to enlighten me on things that have been invented in the past two years that I may be unaware of. What do you like? What do I need?


Whitney J. said...

Can't help you out with the double stroller but as far as wraps go - we have a Sleepy Wrap (they're now called Boba Wrap) and I loved it. Perfect for when he's smaller. But - I would also recommend the Boba carrier (the child must be 15 lbs minimum weight though before use). It is MUCH quicker to get on and off, etc. I use it way more often than the wrap now that she's older.

We don't have a nap nanny and while I think their concept is neat, I probably wouldn't get one myself simply because Kynlee took naps fine without it, so it'd just be an added expense for us (plus we don't have room for too much extra stuff!).

I know you must be getting excited. After the holidays are over it won't be much longer til he arrives!

Anna Catherine said...

Don't you worry, Aunt Anna will take care of baby number 2. I just wonder how big brother will do when baby brodder gets here!

The Guest Family said...

Ok so obviously I can't help with the stroller, but I had a baby bjorn for SB instead of the wrap which I loved! I used it shopping when she was little. SHe liked it because when she got older I could turn her around and she could see what was going on.

Now the Nap Nanny - OMG I cannot praise it enough. That was what SB slept in the first 2 months. and it was so easy to travel with to grandma's house and since she slept in it we didnt even use the pack and play in the beginning. It was also great when she was sick because it raised her up a little. It is also super easy to clean. I honestly recommend it to anyone. I use to put it in the bed with me for naps (we have a king). DO NOT put it in the crib though. IF you want more thoughts you know how to reach me :)