Friday, April 29, 2011

No Picture Friday...

Sorry, friends! I'm not sure I've taken ONE picture since Easter Sunday. Whoops! I have just not felt the blogging bug this week so I've forgotten to get the camera out.

Well, I watched almost all of the Royal Wedding this morning. I mentioned that Prince William was my first boyfriend so you know I have been a tad obsessed leading up to the big day. I didn't get up at 4 am (I only went to bed at 1am - which was actually a tad early for me!) but I did begin my own little watching party at 7.30 this morning! I'm almost through the whole thing now. I've had a few things that have pulled me away...more on those things later.

Let's talk about THE dress. I absolutely 100% am in LOVE with it. I've always been a little wedding obsessed and I actually saved a picture from Southern Living Bride back in high school of a dress that I wanted to wear one day. It had lace sleeves like Kate's and while it would've been gorgeous, I'm not sure it would've been appropriate in the sweltering South Georgia July heat that I got married in. Maybe if I'd been a November bride...

I thought that Pippa's dress was beautiful as well, but holy cow she looked fantastic in it! Not many people could've pulled that dress off! Woo wee!

I thought that the sermon given at the wedding was wonderful. I plan to make Mr. Fresh sit and re-watch it with me when he gets home from work tonight. I know that the Royal Family attends church, but I was thoroughly surprised (in a GOOD way!) at the real Christian ceremony they had. Maybe that's the way all of them are and I was unaware. Maybe they were made to follow some sort of protocol. I loved that they'd written a prayer together to be read at the ceremony. LOVED the wedding!

My afternoon has been full of finishing up the wedding and CLEANING this house. It is amazing to me how quickly it gets. I don't have a little helper this afternoon (*sniff sniff HOORAY!*) as he is off having a little spend-the-night party with Cacky and Poppy. I was THRILLED when they volunteered to take him but I know that I'll miss his silly little self. I actually drove about 45 minutes South to meet Mama and Uncle Julian so that James could go home with them. (Uncle Julian is Mama's brother - they have lunch almost every Friday. He usually chooses "that Mexican restaurant" - aka, Taco Bell! Ha!)

Eddie and I are going to have a fun date night tonight. My favorite time of the year has arrived - the Old Book Sale! Woohoo! Last year I think we spent well over and hour browsing through the books. We're going to do that and then I'm hoping he can be talked into going to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Mmmm.

We also have to pick my car up from the Ford place for the second time this week. Why? Well, because my window malfunctioned, wouldn't roll up, and then I broke the mechanism because I couldn't keep my fingers from trying to roll it up. I didn't want to drive around with a duct-taped window all weekend long ( really is duct-taped...and I'm not sure Eddie cared how it looked so there are FOUR pieces {not of equal lengths} currently holding my window in place. He says it's my pay-back for rolling down the window when I went to play bunco last night!) so it's at the Ford place again. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I still am deeply in love with my car.

I hope you all have lovely weekends and I will try my best to remember to take a few pictures at various parties we have to attend this weekend. If you remember, would y'all please put my sweet friend, Lori, and her baby on your prayer lists? He's having some medical problems that are really nerve-wracking. We're hoping they can get to the bottom of the problems so that there will be no more worrying about it!

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Catherine White said...

I watched it this morning with my class. They were amazed. I called it "current events." I couldn't believe how interested 18 poverty-stricken kids were. They didn't even know there were kings or queens?! It was amazing, I agree. I loved watching William and Kate and their secret laughs and jokes. I thought they were very sweet =). Have a great time at the book sale. I wish we'd made plans to come up. This will be the first year I've missed it in four!