Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update...

This weekend was super busy and absolutely FLEW by. On Friday night Eddie and I went on our "date night" to the Old Book Sale. I was not very successful - three or four books for myself and three or four for James - but Eddie wound up with almost 15 books! I've been trying to stick to my "Summer Reading List" (yes, I'm a nerd...more on that list at a later time) and I only strayed from it a little.

After the Old Book Sale we went to a Thai place that had been recommended to us by several friends. We love Thai but this place is a little hole-in-the-wall and looks pretty sketchy. I was cautious and just ordered the chicken fried rice. Eddie ordered something that had beef, chicken, pork, green beans, a few other things and was sort of ginger-flavored. His was good, but mine was EXCELLENT. I got them to spice mine up a little bit and it was the best chicken fried rice I've ever had! We'll be going back for sure!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early because I had an appointment to get my hair did :) in Tifton at 9:30. We left our house at 8am. Folks, that is early for me. I am NOT a morning person.

After my hair appointment I had to drive out to Berrien County to have my bridesmaid's dress altered. It is GORGEOUS. I am so excited to wear it. The countdown for the wedding is ON and we are so excited about it, too! I can't wait to share all of the secret details!

Saturday afternoon I threw a Sip 'N See with some friends. MaraDare, Lori, and I co-hosted the shower so that Miss Samantha could be introduced to the world! We had a great time visiting and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend the time with some of my very best girls! After the shower, the four of us (plus Sam!) went to the park for Tifton's Love Affair. Smaller than it has been in the past, but it was nice to get out and stroll around.

Saturday night Eddie, James, and I went with Grandmamma to Pit Stop for dinner. It was delicious! James got his first kids' meal (and ate about two bites!) and was very well behaved!

Sunday morning we opted not to go to church (James hasn't been in the nursery here since he was tiny...wasn't sure how that would go over!) and instead we played at Cacky and Poppy's house all morning. We jumped on the trampoline and enjoyed walking in the yard! (The trampoline was ours when we were kids/teenagers so it is a wee bit dirty...hence the black nose that James has in a few of these pictures. Who knew how dirty a rarely-used trampoline could get!)

Sunday afternoon we attended a reception for Mrs. Suzanne Click, a longtime friend of the Fresh family as well as teacher of Eddie and Kelly (and hundreds of other Tiftonites) in junior high and high school. She is retiring after 38 years of teaching. Now that is an accomplishment! I retired after only 3!

James was VERY well-behaved. We thought we might have a crisis because he was a GRUMP when we left to go to the reception, but he pulled it together. Mrs. Suzanne's granddaughter Ann Marie was there to play chase with James and he thoroughly enjoyed having her play with him! I wish I could've taken her home! Too bad finishing 3rd grade is so important!

I thought I'd show you a picture of the ugliest babies I've ever seen. It sure is sweet to watch them grow but they are NOT pretty! Ha! Their mama has been so sweet to us. She watches patiently from a tree when we come and go and has never tried to swoop down on us for looking at her babies. James has been fascinated by them. Maybe they'll start to get cute soon!

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