Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funny Boy...

I really need to start writing down all of James' daily "funnies," but I always forget because I feel like we're laughing all the time! Just a few recent ones:

1. He says chicken now. As in, "I would like chicken for lunch, please." Only, he just says, "Chicka, chicka!" Anna thinks we need to get it on video because it sounds HILARIOUS.

2. He's WAY into sign language. Like so into sign language he doesn't speak words he knows a sign for. Have I created a monster? He knows several "real" signs and then a few he's just made up on his own. He nods his head for "please" every. single. time. "Say 'please,' James." *Head nod.* He's very polite. Today, frustrated, I said, "You know, you could just open your mouth and SPEAK." To which, he opened his mouth. Touche', sir. Touche'. (Amelia Bedelia in the making!)

3. Because he calls Mickey Mouse "Tee Tee" we've had a hard time discussing going tee-tee with him. Today when I got him up, I asked him if he wanted to go sit on the potty and try to tee-tee and/or poo poo. He said, "Tee-Tee?" and pointed to Mickey on his jammies. Ha! Think we need to call it "tinkle"? I HATE the various other nicknames for tee-tee-ing. There will be no wee-wee-ing or peeing from my toddler.

4. He is SMART. While we were at Dad and Laura's the other day he was playing with a scooter toy he has there. It's Mickey Mouse (of course) and it lights up and plays music. He made it play a certain song and Laura asked how he'd done it. I had no idea. She said that last time he was there he played that exact song and they could not figure out how he'd done it. Fast forward to yesterday. Mama bought James a pirate ship (we're into Mickey AND pirates) at Ross last week. It plays several different songs, etc. when you push the button on it. He plays this one little thing all the time and it says something that I cannot figure out what it's supposed to be. He laughs hysterically every time it happens. I was trying to show Eddie last night James' reaction to this thing and we could not figure out how to make it do the noise! He's out-smarted us!

5. Grandmamma brought a bubble mower up here on Sunday. She'd forgotten he has another mower so after he played with it she took it to her house. James pulled out his other mower yesterday and said, "Bubbas?" I told him that his mower doesn't have bubbles in it but that we could go outside and blow our bubbles if he wanted. He grinned and nodded his head so I asked him where we keep our bubbles, thinking he'd go to the kitchen cabinet where we keep them. He headed into the dining room and I followed to redirect him. Lo and behold, the "bubbas" that he and Aunt Sassy were blowing outside on Sunday were sitting on the dining room table. They've not been TOUCHED since Sunday. I had no idea they were even there and can't believe he remembered!

*** I had to come back to add another! ***

6. After Eddie left after lunch today James and I were sitting on my bed. I asked if he wanted to go in the den to play. He shook his head no. I needed to get some work done in the office, but he was adamant that he wasn't coming with me. I closed our bathroom door (the place where all naughtiness takes place with my silly baby - hands in the potty, turning on the tub, etc.), turned on Special Agent Oso, and handed him the remote. He kicked back on my husband pillow and I walked to the office. A few minutes later he was walking through the house calling me. We've since played, read, colored, I've talked on the phone and placed a few Willow House orders, and he's now taking a nap. I just went back in my bedroom and the tv is muted and on AMC. I guess that's why the tv watching didn't last!

He's such a smart, silly boy! I'll try to keep remembering to write down all these funnies in the future!


Lauren said...

i am in FULL agreement with you on #3!! tee tee or tinkle will be the words around our house!

Amy said...

what a smart boy! libbi is the same way with remembering certain things - it always blows my mind, because i have the WORST memory - so she definitely doesn't get that from me - ha!
and we say "tee-tee" at our house, too. when i was in the hospital the other day, the nurse kept asking me if i "had to pee" and it just grossed me out every time she said it - haha!