Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weekend Update...Thanksgiving Edition

On Wednesday afternoon, James and I loaded up and hit the road going south to Tifton. We arrived late afternoon and visited with Cacky, Sassy, and Poppy for a while. James was THRILLED to be there.

Mom had to take a pound cake out to her friend's house so James and I tagged along so that Mrs. Donna could meet James. We also got to see Mr. Chip, Tripp, and Cassie! James and Porter (Cassie's dog) were the entertainment while we visited!

When Eddie arrived in Tifton we went over to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house for a visit and a Boston Butt sandwich. Holy cow, I love Boston Butt. I always forget!

We spent the night at Cacky and Poppy's and took the chance of sleeping in the same room with James. It actually wasn't bad since we didn't go into the room until we were ready to go to sleep. James was totally thrown off by being in a new place, though, and woke up plenty of times during the night. At one point he woke up screaming (a night terror?) and Cacky, who happened to be walking down the hall anyway, stopped in and rocked him for a little while.

Thursday was spent eating and eating and eating! We had lunch with Eddie's parents and Kelly. There was pork loin, rice and gravy, rutabagas, asparagus, rolls, and CHOCOLATE PIE. Guess who likes chocolate pie? He turned the bowl up on that delicious concoction!

Did someone say something about chocolate pie?
Grandmama! Hurry up in there!
No caption is necessary. :)

A little after James' official naptime we headed back to Cacky's for him to lie down. Mrs. Bobby and Kelly were headed to Atlanta for some Black Friday shopping so we just left when they did.

James found Anna's old Minnie and Mickey. He's a tad obsessed.

Thursday night we had supper with Cacky, Poppy, Anna, Lance, and John. Mom seated us outside this year on the patio in the courtyard (I mean, why was it warm enough to eat OUTSIDE at NIGHT?). It was VERY nice! We had turkey, macaroni and cheese, brown rice, cream corn, more Boston Butt, peas, and pumpkin pie. DELISH. Oh my word I could eat Thanksgiving food more often!

Friday morning we decided to head north around the time that James would typically nap so that he would sleep in the car. We drove to our house, played, had lunch, re-packed the car, and then headed north again to Atlanta for Round Three of Thanksgiving!

Friday night we had dinner at an unusually empty Outback with Dad (Papa - or "Bapa" as James says), Laura (LaLa aka "YaYa"), Anna, and Lance. After dinner we walked next door to Trader Joe's and had a hilarious time in there. We were in weird moods apparently and everything was funny. At one point Dad was showing me the toothbrushes (which he claims are excellent {until someone pointed out that they're made of recycled yogurt containers...that weirded him out a little!}) and I picked one up, Dad got one, and Anna got one. Someone asked Lance if he was getting one, too, and he said, "No! I almost bought into that craziness and then I remembered I just bought a new toothbrush!" As though the toothbrushes had some strange, mystical powers! After Trader Joe's we walked to Petsmart to show James all of the animals. He loves animals!

Saturday morning we got up and walked to a toy store that's not too far from Dad and Laura's house. The purpose of the trip was to invest in some building blocks for James. One of our favorite things to do is build towers so that he can knock them over. He's like Godzilla barreling through an unsuspecting city! We had fun in the toy store and picked out lots of fun things! (It was FULL of Melissa & Doug toys...I LOVE wooden toys!) A set of nesting blocks were purchased and we headed home to play with them.

Late Saturday afternoon the whole Smith clan (minus Jake, John, and part of Betsy's family) got together for Thanksgiving Round Three. James was, unfortunately, way over Thanksgiving by then. We think he'd had too many new foods and wasn't feeling great. He'd also had too much attention and wouldn't let me get far out of his sight! We enjoyed seeing everyone and hope that James will be a little friendlier at Christmas!

Being slugs after supper.

James and Cole. They have lots of fun when they're together!

James wanted to pet Gus every time he saw him. Poor old Gus! James is also a tad obsessed with animals!

Eddie and I decided that the best thing for us would be to drive home on Saturday night. We left around 8:30 and wound up getting home around 10:30. James was He drank his bottle while watching the end of the Georgia/Georgia Tech game and fell asleep sitting on the sofa. Unfortunately, he didn't transfer to his bed very easily and we had a small fight later.

On Sunday morning Anna and Lance drove from Atlanta to our house so that Anna and I could go see the first showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I. We were SO excited and it was AWESOME. We really loved it. I thought it followed very closely to the storyline but Anna's just read it and she said it strayed a little more than I thought. Still, excellent, excellent, excellent! I'll go see it again if anyone would like to go with me!

I wish I could say we aren't all the busy this week but that'd be a lie. I've gotten all of our Christmas stuff out of the attic and I'm slowly but surely trying to get decorated. I have a Willow House party tomorrow night out of town and James will have his first ever baby-sitter for about 2 hours. Then we're back to Tifton sometime this weekend! Whew! Anyone else feel like they need a vacation from their holidays? Ha!

Hope your Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC and that you were able to spend it with those that you're most thankful for!