Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Willow House Wednesday...

I am in full gift-buying mode and I realize that I'm definitely NOT the only one! I had a Willow House party in Macon last night and there was lots of gift buying! I want to tell you about a few of MY favorite Willow House products that I think make EXCELLENT Christmas gifts (for others OR yourself!).

1. Decorative Card & Photo Display - I have sold a TON of these this season for Christmas cards. A customer pointed out to me the other day that they are PERFECT for those of you who have stainless steel refrigerators (or who just don't like the cluttered up fridge!). These are $38.96 but if you spend more than $40 on something else you can get this item for 50% off!

2. Roxy Reindeer Accent Towels - These would make PERFECT hostess gifts for parties that you'll be attending. A few years ago I did hostess gifts for a few ladies and I took hand towels and wooden utensils and tied them up with a pretty bow. These Roxy Reindeer towels come in a set of two for $26.96 BUT it can also be a 50% off item and you can split them up. That would make it $6.74 for each hostess gift!

3. I finally got to use my Gramercy Beverage Serving Set last night and I loved it! It's a little pricey at $139.96 BUT if you host a party that's over $250 you get an item at 70% off! It would be a GREAT item to have if you're a frequent party hostess! Baby showers, wedding showers, brunches, Bible can be used for everything! I got apple cider yesterday at Target, heated it all day in my crockpot and then transported the crockpot to my party where I poured it into the server. We were THRILLED because it didn't leak like some versions you'll find!!!

4. I've talked about the Belle Meade 3-in-1 Container before and I still don't own it. It's exactly what I want for my utensil catch-all next to my stove. It can also be used as a vase or to hold a bottle of wine and the bottom comes off and is cork so that it can act as large coaster! It's $69.96. (This has matching canisters and salt and pepper shakers as well!)

5. I love the 3-piece Carrigan Wine Stoppers and they are currently on SALE for $18.96. Another perfect hostess gift! Break them up, tie them onto a bottle of wine, and take to a party! I own them and love them!

6. The Gramercy Ribbon Plate is also on sale for $24.96! It's usually $42.96!!! This is perfect for ANYONE because it can be customized to match YOUR house or party theme!

7. The French Wire Tiered Stand is one of Willow House's BEST sellers. We love it! It's priced at $51.96 and makes a perfect Christmas gift! Use it on your counter or use it as a center-piece! I have so many ideas for this item!

8. There are TWO versions of our Galveston Footed Hurricane - a small and a large. The small is priced at $59.96 and the large at $79.96. I have the large and it's out all the time at my house. I have a candle and coffee beans in it right now but it will soon be transformed for Christmas. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's up on my mantle!

9. The Galveston Must-Have Memo Board and Holder is so cute to me! Use it in your kitchen or your office as a reminder board. They are $59.96 for the set OR you can buy just the board for $39.96 or just the holder for $26.96.

10. Finally, the Royal Street Urn for $57.96. I included this one because I've seen SO many cute mantel arrangements using a pair of these. I think it would also be cute as a centerpiece on a table! One thing I've seen is with using leftover fall pumpkins. Spray the pumpkin a Christmas-y color (silver, gold, shimmery red!), paint on your monogram and sit the pumpkin in the top of your urn! (Pumpkin stem down, of course!) I think this piece would be a lot like a hurricane where you could just move it all over your house and use it in lots of different ways!

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