Friday, December 3, 2010

The C-Word...

***Latest Update! Mom is home this morning. She called around 10:30 and said she'd gotten released and is at her house. We decided to go down tomorrow to visit so we'd have more time there. Her throat is dry and sore (normal) and she's a little sore when she moves her right arm but other than that she feels fine. Thankfully, she wasn't sick at all after surgery!***

***Update! Mom is out of surgery and as far as I've heard is doing fine! They removed and sent two lymph nodes to the lab during surgery and they were both negative. More good news! In addition, they removed three lumps and they were positive for both estrogen and progesterone. As best I can tell, this is very positive. (A little googling has told me that estrogen and progesterone positive cancer {which is actually two different types, I think...there's so much to learn!} is actually easier to treat!) Her treatment will remain the same. Radiation beginning in about six weeks and a pill (Tamoxifen???) for about five years. Thanks, thanks, thanks for your prayers, phone calls, texts, and emails!***

Our family got some news over Thanksgiving that honestly shook us a little bit. First of all, you don't expect to get bad news on a holiday. (Although, it's becoming more common with us.) Secondly, it's something that happens to other families, not your own. And yet, there it was on Thanksgiving evening. The C-Word.

My mom has breast cancer.

It is Stage One and just barely Stage One. It was caught extremely early and she's in excellent hands as far as doctors go. She'll have a lumpectomy done today so pray that that goes well. She'll also undergo some radiation in about six weeks.

Obviously, the blessings are numerous. It could've been caught later. It could've been a rarer type of cancer. It could've already spread. We found out her news on Thanksgiving and we were thankful!

One thing that I've found interesting about this ordeal is that Mom has had several health problems leading up to this. She's had to see doctors for various other reasons lately and seemed not to be able to get her mind off of something being wrong. She and Sonny had also begun to see a doctor about health and exercise lately so she'd been in his office several times in the past few months as well. She made the comment to me the other day that she thought her body was trying to tell her something wasn't right. I'd like to think it was more than just her body.

I truly believe with my entire whole being that God does not put us in situations that we are unable to handle. He doesn't give us more than we can take. That being said, the reason things seem so out of control sometimes is because we aren't allowing Him to take hold of the situation and lead us through it. We are more apt to want to walk in front of Him and then turn around to grab His hand whenever things get a little shaky. This situation is definitely showing me that!

If you would, be praying for her health and recovery. We would definitely appreciate it!


Cristin said...

Praying for your mom! My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor! God still heals!!!!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom!! Praying!!