Saturday, October 30, 2010

101 in 1001...

I saw this idea on Amy's blog and thought it was fantastic! (Amy, some of my goals might look familiar! What can I say, you were great inspiration!) After googling it, I found that it's EVERYWHERE on the internet! What would your goals be?

This is a list of 101 goals I would like to complete in 1001 days! What a great way to focus on some things that need to be done and share a little bit about myself in the process! It will be a running list that I'll update from time to time. I will strike through each goal that has been met.

I'm starting this list on November 1, 2010 and will wrap up on July 29, 2013. I hope that's right...

For me...
1. Try a new recipe (and blog it!) at least once a month.
2. Take a sewing class.
3. Buy an embroidery machine.
4. Take a photography class.
5. Buy a new car!
6. Keep up with our Shutterfly photo albums.
7. Join MOPs or another "Mommy Group."
8. Go on another girls' trip to the beach.
9. Enjoy a "me-night-out" at least once a month.
10. Go see a movie by myself! (*Gasp* WAY out of my comfort zone!)
11. Go to two states I've never visited.
12. Take more pictures with me in them!
13. Buy a Cricut or Silhouette.
14. Get a new pair of "good" jeans.
15. Buy a new cellphone!
16. Learn to decorate cookies and/or cakes.
17. Go to Callaway Gardens to see the Christmas lights.
18. Continue working on our family trees.

For my mind...
19. Read 10 nonfiction books (and blog about them!).
20. Read 101 fiction books (and blog about them!).
21. Read 10 "classics." These don't count for the above.
22. Write more for myself...even if I don't ever share it!
23. Join a book club.
24. Begin working on my masters.
25. Learn more sign language.
26. Write snail mail letters to my friends - one friend a month. Who wants to be my pen pal?
27. Learn to crochet or knit.
28. Draft a will.
29. Keep up my teaching certification.

For my soul...
30. Make attending Sunday School and Church a priority.
31. Transfer our church memberships.
32. Do a Bible Study with Eddie.
33. Complete the Beth Moore "Revelation" study with my small group.
34. Tithe 10% of my Willow House earnings.
35. Memorize one new Bible verse every week.
36. Read the Old Testament all the way through. (I've read the New Testament more than once but get bogged down in the Old!)
37. Complete Beth Moore's "Daniel."
38. Buy a Bible timeline book.
39. Get over my "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule and start listening to Christmas music in November. It makes me happy!

For others...
40. Send out Christmas Cards (on time!) 2010, 2011, 2012.
41. Take meals to friends who have babies, are ill, or have a death in the family.
42. Volunteer at the church.
43. Volunteer at an elementary school.
44. Throw a party/shower for friends or family members at least 5 times.
45. Volunteer to teach (Children's) Sunday School.
46. Send birthday cards to my friends and family.
47. Sponsor a Compassion child.
48. Help another family buy Christmas gifts for their children.
49. Bake homemade Christmas goodies for friends and family at the beginning of December.
50. Deliver teacher goodies to a school at least once a school year.

For my marriage...
51. Go on a planned date once a month.
52. Pray for my marriage daily.
53. Take a "just us" trip for more than a weekend.
54. Go on a 5 year anniversary trip back to the Caribbean.
55. Go away for a weekend together.
56. Encourage Eddie.
57. Turn off the TV and computer at night!
58. Eat dinner at the kitchen table.
59. Read The Love Dare together.
60. Start exercising together.
61. Be intentional about becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.

For my child...
62. Pray for James daily.
63. Read to him daily.
64. Put him in preschool.
65. Pray out loud with James.
66. Take James to the library once a month.
67. Start a savings plan for college.
68. Take him to the zoo.
69. Take him to Disney World.
70. Start our at-home preschool time each day.
71. Go to Burt's Pumpkin Patch.
72. Begin to teach James about spending, savings, and tithing.
73. Begin the Jesse Tree Devotions at Advent each year.

For my health...
74. Complete Couch-to-5K.
75. Run in a 5K.
76. Get back to wedding weight!
77. Drink 2 thermoses of water daily.
78. Take my vitamins daily.
79. Go to the dentist twice a year.
80. Go to the eye doctor.
81. Start cooking with more fresh fruits and vegetables.
82. Eat fewer processed foods.
83. Floss every night for a month.
84. Get a massage.
85. Do Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred for THIRTY DAYS!
86. Do yoga once a week.

For my wallet...
87. Organize and use my coupons at every grocery trip.
88. Set up our budget and stick to it.
89. Continue menu planning each week.

For my home...
90. Paint the dining room.
91. Curtains in the kitchen, den, dining room, guest bedroom, and master bedroom.
92. Rugs in kitchen, den, dining room, and foyer.
93. Complete my weekly cleaning list!
94. Hang pictures!
95. Recycle! Set up recycling bins in garage.
96. Organize office.
97. Organize garage and PARK IN IT!
98. Complete the swing set-building project.
99. Decorate another Christmas tree in our dining room at Christmas.
100. Frame and hang more pictures of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

101. Commit to completing this list in 1001 days! 


Anna Catherine said...

I'll be your pen pal and I can teach you how to knit (not very well mind you, but I do know how). Mom said she would teach you sign language. haha! J/K (we do sign language with Finn)

Lauren and Eddie said...

I found a pattern for a crocheted baby's owl hat. I want to make that. Please don't tell anyone you do sign language with Finn. No one will want to be your friend anymore.