Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update...List Version

1. James practiced for his upcoming birthday party on Friday night by eating a WHOLE piece of my mama's chocolate sheet cake. He really, really loved it. He'd had a bite or two of cake before but I put this on his highchair tray and he went nuts. We had to hose him down afterwards!

2. Yesterday, Daddy came by on his way back to Atlanta from visiting my aunts and uncle. He was put to work when he got here by helping Eddie mount our TV above our fireplace. The rearranging of furniture is taking some getting used to. We'll get new furniture at some point, but until then we're having to figure out how to make do with what we've got. I have a whole list of things that need to be done now because of just moving the TV!

3. The Dawgs let us down yesterday. I'm hoping this doesn't continue to happen. I like games like they played against Arkansas where it all comes down to the very end, but I didn't like the outcome of that!!! I just knew we'd be going into overtime.

4. Did you see Clemson whoop on Auburn last night? They didn't win, but they weren't supposed to do what they did!

5. I saw a recipe on another blog yesterday for Black Bean Tailgate Dip. You take cream cheese, Rotel, black beans, and shredded cheese, mix together, and heat until warmed through. Then serve with chips. I could probably live off of that.

6. I went to Sunday School this morning. I'm facing my fears. (Or, rather, Eddie is making me face my fears.) Contrary to what I thought might happen, no one laughed and pointed at me, called on me without my hand being raised, or made me pray out loud. I'm not sure why I have a fear of Sunday School classes. I also have a fear of regular classes. (Why did I teach school?!?)

7. We tried out our new placement of furniture this afternoon while we were eating lunch and James was napping. We watched "Amazing Water Homes" and "amazing" is right! Those houses were awesome. When James woke up we flipped to the Falcons game. I watched two whole quarters and couldn't tell you a thing that happened except that Ryan's helmet got knocked off one time. Of course, it would probably help if I hadn't had the most awesome nap ever during those two quarters. James went BACK to sleep with Eddie in the recliner. Fantastic Sunday afternoon.

8. I just ordered James' birthday invitations, address labels, goody bag stickers, and thank you notes. I found the most wonderful, helpful person on Etsy. It set me back and arm and a leg, but they are CUTE.

9. I need to do some more of my Esther study this afternoon and get myself ready for the week. I don't have a job or anything, but it's good to have a game plan.

10. I need two friends to visit my house next Saturday. One, my interior decorator. I'm looking at you, Bess. Too bad you'll be studying. I need you to come ASAP and wave a magic wand over everything to fix it. The other friend I need is someone who has not yet been hired. I would like a personal shopper. My own personal Stacey London, if you will. I'll be taking applications.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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