Tuesday, September 21, 2010

James at Eleven Months...

I wrote this yesterday and fully intended to put it (and pictures) up but I never got around to it. And I don't have pictures yet because, honestly, we stayed in pjs all day yesterday. I'll get to it!

* Weighs 21.4 pounds!
* Is 29 inches.
* Is mostly on a schedule. He's really not been a good sleeper in the past month, though. He's been up and ready to eat between THREE and FOUR every morning. On Saturday he slept until 6:30 and we thought it was amazing! He still eats yogurt in the mornings and usually naps around 10 am after nursing. He eats babyfood every other meal. I am looking forward to beginning the switch to cow's milk next month!!! He still goes to bed around 8 pm.
* He's still in a size 3 diaper, but I foresee a move to size 4s very soon!
* He's either wearing 12- or 18-month clothing. He wore the CUTEST 18-month outfit to church yesterday with a puppy appliqued on the front. I'm a little sad that it fits perfectly now because it has a Christmas scene on the reverse. Thank goodness it's an eBay outfit!
* He still sleeps with his pacifier and wubbie. He also likes Uga when he's sleepy or upset. Anything snuggly soft. Even the nursery ladies know about the wubbie! We found him snugged up with it when we went to pick him up on Sunday. I guess he got sleepy!
* He's still been a little grump lately. I think it's those mean molars.
*Speaking of molars, he has NINE teeth now. Four on top, four on bottom, and one molar. He's also cutting a second molar. I think we've missed the cuspids, for whatever reason! Maybe they'll appear one day!
* He's been giving Eddie a hard time in the bathtub lately. Eddie has a hand-held sprayer hooked up so that he can just spray James off. James has learned how to turn off the sprayer by pushing down the knob on top of the faucet. It's funny to hear, "Sit down! Stop doing that!" It frustrates Eddie to no end! Ha!
* He's trying harder and harder to talk but still can't get out more than five or six words. We've gotten him to say "Mama," "Da-Da," "Papa," "more" (still "muh" with a point to whatever he wants), "bye-bye," and "hey." I got him to say "Uga," this morning, too. (For those of you non-Georgians, you probably think I'm a nut. Uga is UGA's mascot - the English bulldog.)
* He does several "party tricks." He can clap and patty-cake if you ask him to. He can wave. He can brush his hair. He gives kisses. He can find Uga in all of his toys. He gives five. At lunch yesterday Eddie fed him a piece of his chocolate chip cookie. We were watching TV and not looking at him but I looked up and he was signing "More!" as though his life depended upon it. He never does it quite right, but he was perfect this time. We laughed so hard!
* He still has yet to stand on his own. So much for being an early walker! Maybe by Christmas!!! Ha!
* Yogurt (except for the fruit-on-the-bottom kind) is still his favorite food right now. He also LOVES Cheerios and basically anything sweet. He wants to try whatever we're eating.
* I can't wait to see what the next few months bring. He is certainly learning all the time!

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