Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I often get sucked into thinking the "Well, I can do that!" mentality. I wonder who else is that way?

I currently have a plethora of projects either started but not finished OR floating around in my brain. I need a helper to get those projects completed!

1. Decorating our house. I gave Eddie a list of things we need to do the other day, along with a timeline. Eddie is notorious for putting a project off because he dreads it, but I was surprised to find that he took The Boy to Lowe's the next evening to begin purchasing a few things for said list! I'm so proud! Top on the list? Finish the foyer, dining room, kitchen, and den areas of our house. He can't do all of it - like pick out curtains and pillows and fabric - but he is in charge of a lot of it.

2. "The Birthday Party." I have been excited about this moment since before James was even born. Have I gone overboard? Yes. Have I had a lot of fun? Yes. One of my very bestest friends has not only pushed my "problem," she's helped a lot. And then she emailed me the other day to say that she's not only driving FOUR HOURS from Florida to come to the party, she's coming the day before to help. A perk of having an interior designer as a bestest bud is that she'll be a fantastic helper. (Say a little prayer for her - she's taking a BIG test next weekend!)

3. Wreaths. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect fall wreath. I haven't found the perfect one yet and I don't know if you know this, but wreaths are WAY expensive. I'd like to make my own. And I want it to look like this from Country Living:

I have also found a way to make the CUTEST baby wreaths. Another friend can expect one at a shower in November. I can hardly wait to make it and show you!

4. Learning to sew/applique. I have a very basic sewing machine. I don't have high aspirations of being able to make a bajillion dollars appliquing and selling in my very own Etsy store (ok, maybe I do have those dreams), I just want to be able to make James cute holiday t-shirts. You know...something with a pumpkin, a turkey, a Santa Claus?

5. I have great intentions and high hopes when it comes to getting myself back into shape. I need to make myself a project. :)


Anna Catherine said... must run in the family. I have several things I've started knitting but haven't finished. I have started several books but I always stop in the middle. Now, I've decided I want to start drawing and painting again and I bought some supplies for that the other day! I'm a starter and thankfully Lance is a finisher. It bothers him to leave a project half complete!

Amy said...

this is hilarious to me, because is have a STACK of fall floral arrangements, swags, wreaths, etc....just sitting in our foyer that I swear I'm going to "make something" with. if i had a nickel for every time is said, "i can do that..." i'd be a rich woman = ha! :)

Lauren and Eddie said...

Amy, too bad we don't live closer. We could have a crafting day! Ha!