Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Update...

Friday night we stayed home, ate Chick-fil-A, and watched the season finale of Rizzoli and Isles that we had in our DVR. Did anyone else watch that show? We loved it! I'm hoping that there will be a season two, but who knows!

Saturday morning we got up and Eddie's parents came up for the day to help him with some of his projects. He's had several things he's needed to get done but needed a helper and since I'm not much help and James can't be trusted without someone watching him, we needed another helper. They fixed James' closet door that had been coming off the track (even after we'd fixed it several times). They fixed the lightswitch in James' room that was shorting out. In the process they killed the outlet below the switch along with his sound machine. I'm ordering a new one TODAY. Mrs. Bobby worked on our flowerbeds in the back. I was the "lunch lady" and got food when it was time to eat.

Did anyone else watch the UAB/Tennessee game Saturday afternoon?!?!? Holy cow! I was so pulling for UAB to beat that nasty orange team! Oh well. Tennessee should NOT have had to go into DOUBLE overtime with them. Good job, UAB!

We won't speak of the Georgia game. I am NOT a fair-weather fan. I still love the Dawgs. But my heart hurts.

Saturday night we went to Amy and Gary's and had dinner with them and their boys. Coleman and Brooks thought James was WONDERFUL and I wish I'd taken my camera. They've NEVER paid any attention to him before because we usually get together with another couple who has older kids, too, but last night James was the entertainment. I took one toy - his stackable cups - and it was the perfect toy to take. James can't stand a tower - he has to knock it over right then - and the boys thought it was hilarious and lots of fun to see how quickly they could stack the cups before "Godzilla" would tear it down. It was so funny!

I woke up feeling yucky this morning - you'll hear later in the week that I have bronchitis, I think - so Eddie got up with James and I slept until almost ten o'clock. Yes, you read that right.

This afternoon the boys have watched football and napped and I've pulled out Halloween decorations. I'm really not wanting to decorate this year, though. I put our pumpkins out front and I'll hang something on the door and put a few things out in the house but I could care less about it. James was totally creeped out by the few things we have that make noise. Aunt Melly sent him a bear last year that's dressed like Dracula and sings "Monster Mash," and he has cried and wants nothing to do with it at all. The same goes for a few other things. He wants them put away! Ha!

That's it for our weekend! I am excited for this week! I saw earlier on the weather channel that our HIGHEST HIGH this week is 85. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! Send the cool weather SOON!

PS - Anna, not many pictures. I'll do an entire picture post tomorrow if I can get him to take a good nap.


Anna Catherine said...

Haha! Thanks for the update! I need to get better at mine...but we don't really do anything exciting enough to write about. Now, if Lance had filmed me while I was yelling at a 90 lbs. dog to stay in the bathtub while I was bathing him today, that might have been worth watching.

pcb said...

I like that show, too. Hope there is another season.

Agreed...the dawgs just hurt my feelings these days.