Friday, July 30, 2010

Heat Wave!

I feel like it's the same every week...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! I love that we're getting out of the house these days!

Aside from the cousin visit on Monday, Mama and Anna came on Wednesday, we had lunch with some former teacher friends (formerly teachers together, not formerly friends...) on Thursday, and we met a friend and her little girl for lunch and then did a little shopping in Macon today!

I got a few good deals. I am a sucker for a Christmas ornament. I am aware that it's the last week of July but I am nothing if not well-prepared. I was not voted Most Dependable of the Class of 2002 for nothing. Anyway, I found a few Christmas ornaments at Hallmark today that were marked down 50% and THEN it was buy 2, get one free! Good heavens! (When I tell Eddie about it I will tell it in my Lori Smith coupon voice. I bet you're laughing if you know what I mean!) I also bought a few $5 candles at Bath and Body Works. I also love a good-smelling candle!

And since I've been outside for part of the afternoon, I feel it is my duty to give you a weather report. It is stinkin' HOT outside. Hot, hot.

And humid.

I am ready for the fall. I am ready for football season. I am ready to wear jeans.

It doesn't have to get cold, mind you. Just cooler. The 60s would be great.

Heck, I'd even settle for an overnight low in the 80s!

Okay, I have to tell you about the cutest thing that James just did. Mama taught him to clap (and Pat-A-Cake) on Wednesday when she visited. I just turned on an episode of Mickey Mouse so that I could sit quietly and drink a Diet Coke. They're singing a song that goes "Clap, clap! Finger snap!" and he is clapping along. Ha! Precious!!! He is so fun!

We have a busy weekend planned as well! Y'all have a good one!

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