Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cousins, Cracker Barrel, and Crocs!

Eddie's cousins, Phillip and Amelia, were in Tifton and at Lake Blackshear for the past few days. They flew down from Connecticut to visit. We weren't able to go to the lake to hang out because our little boy would have fried or melted in this ridiculous heat we're having, so on their way north to Myrtle Beach they stopped in our town to visit and have lunch at Cracker Barrel! (Do you think we could've picked a more Southern chain restaurant? Fried okra anyone?)

Caylor was with Mrs. Bobby, Phillip, and Amelia and she brought James a gift that she'd bought in Panama City. I am so excited about his first pair of CROCS! Are they not perfect for little boys? (James thinks they are mighty tasty!) Thanks Nancy and Caylor!!!

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