Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Update...

Busy weeks, busy weekends!

Friday night we tried a new restaurant that is local and serves steak and sushi. The owners are from different backgrounds so it seems to have a great mix of everything. The man is American, his wife/girlfriend is Asian. I actually taught her daughter two years ago. We've wanted to try it for a while but it looks pretty swanky from the outside and swanky + loud baby who throws Cheerios = disaster! We actually wound up there because our first choice had people out the door!

Eddie ordered New Orleans-style shrimp with egg drop soup, broccoli, and steamed rice (told you it was a good mix!). The shrimp were served on a skewer and had a little kick to them (but to add in the Asian flair they were served with shrimp sauce!). I ordered something that I can't remember the name of now...Ugh. It was an Asian chicken dish served over a bed of cabbage with steamed rice as well. DELICIOUS. I was very, very impressed with the whole meal! The atmosphere was great as well and James was decent, although he did his fair share of loud talking, something that is becoming more and more common. They didn't kick us out, though!

Yesterday morning we got up and went to Roswell to visit Papa and Laura (LaLa?). I took my camera but forgot the camera card (doh!) and it is a SHAME because we saw the most hilarious thing on the way to Atlanta. Oh my word! A truck passed us and on the back of it was a HUGE picture of a man and woman and words that said something about not knowing love until he found his wife. OH MY! Eddie is getting it for CHRISTMAS for his truck. He is pumped. HAHAHA.

We went to Babies 'R Us and got a little boy and brand new BIG boy carseat! He is very excited about this milestone. We're planning to put it in this afternoon and we pray that it's just as comfortable as the infant seat!!! He still has to sit rear-facing for a while, but it should give him a little more wiggle room. His feet are hitting the back of the seat right now so I'm hoping the new carseat will help that!

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and spent the rest of the day playing at Papa and Laura's house. Papa bought James a toy similar to this one that James thoroughly enjoyed being pushed on for the rest of the morning!

James was too busy to take a nap but at about 5:30 he crashed. I fed him one last time and we loaded him up and left Roswell. We decided to stop at the Varsity on the way home for supper. I hadn't eaten there in over four years (it takes that long to work off all the calories consumed...) when I was on a field trip with about 200 8th graders! We were lucky enough to snag a pull-in place and got to eat in the car! It was James' FIRST Varsity experience so we got him out of his carseat and let him nibble Eddie's chili dog. (I waited to eat when we got back on the road. Little hands make it difficult!) It was great but greasy, greasy!

This morning we got up (*ahem* someone got up at 3:50 and then again for good at 6:00) and skipped church. We'd been doing great and I ruined it today. I'm just feeling run down and have a sore throat. Bleh. We've hung out in our jammies and James tried grits! (TWO Southern experiences in one weekend!) They were a semi-hit. He didn't dislike them but he was sitting in Eddie's lap so he was busier than if he'd been in his high chair. We've watched a litte Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I've worked on arranging my new china cabinet (pictures to come). Now James is taking a nap! I assume not much fun will be going on today - mostly just laundry, cleaning up, and getting ready for the week!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Anna Catherine said...

Haha! Your last paragraph reminded me of Jersey Shore. They always say GTL (gym, tanning, laundry). Yours would probably be FCL (feeding, cleaning, laundry) haha! JOhn sent me a picture of James riding his new toy!