Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EarCheck Monitor

My mama has been convinced that James has had an ear infection for about a month. He's been a little cranky, he has pulled his ear off and on (it's rare, but I have seen it several times), he's thrown up a couple of times, and the spitting up is back with a vengeance.

I called the doctor's office after hours the other day and left a message explaining who I was and what his symptoms were. The DOCTOR called back within an hour. Good gracious, it wasn't an emergency! He basically made me feel like an over-reactive mother (and I am NOT one who calls every week...I have called twice before about problems...twice in EIGHT AND A HALF months). He told me to wait it out. So I have.

But in the meantime, I bought this little gem:

Innovia Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor

For the record, I've not been paid to talk about this. I just thought my friends with babies might like to know about it. I bought the Innovia Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor. Supposedly, it sends waves into the ear (it works like an ear thermometer) and checks for fluid. It came in the mail yesterday and we used it immediately. It gauges ear fluid on a scale of one to five. Ones are no fluid, twos are to be monitored, and threes to fives need to be seen by a physician. The first check we got twos. Later, I checked again just to see what the reading would be. Various times I got ones or twos. Never anything higher. (I actually checked my own, too. My left ear has bothered me which is not a surprise as my left tonsil has white pockets on it. It's just my regular life. I got a two in that ear.) I can't vouch for its validity yet, but I will let you know in the future how it turns out. I will say that I DID NOT pay the full price for it. WalMart had them on sale and I had a gift card. I wound up paying $7 for it!

***PS - I do have a weekend update already written out, but I need to upload my pictures first.***

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Catherine White said...

Hmm. . . I will be interested to know if it's accurate! I have an ear infection probably four times a year. IT's ridiculous. I had tubes put in like six times when I was younger (swim team). Let me know the verdict!