Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update...

Better late than never, right?

Friday afternoon we had someone over to appraise our house. Since we'd been cooped up and cleaning for him to come, James and I decided to spend the afternoon out and about. We ran by a few different stores in the 105* weather and by the time we were finished we were hot and sweaty! I ran through the Sonic drive-thru to get a drink and by the time we got back home there was no waking up the little man in my backseat! Ha! He never transfers from the car to his bed AND it was an hour past a feeding time but that didn't seem to bother him. I laid him down and thought I might have to wake him up to go out to eat!

I called Eddie and suggested that James and I meet him in town for supper. James has gotten harder and harder to take out to eat because he's not content sitting in one place for long. We can fill him up with Cheerios and hand him toys but it just doesn't last very long. Thus the reason we've eaten in a lot more or at places like Chick-fil-A! (I love CFA, though, so I haven't minded!!!)

We decided to meet at Cracker Barrel and there was no one there. James talked and talked to our waitress, who said she had a 14-month-old granddaughter. We ate peacefully (even though someone really enjoyed spoonfuls of dumplins and kept "asking" for those) and we were HOME by 6:30! Ha! It was perfect for us old folks!

While we were out to eat I was getting updates on a childhood friend-turned-college roommate's "baby day." Sarah Elizabeth was born on Friday night! We are thrilled for Mary Beth and Dutch and cannot wait to meet Sarah Beth. Keep that family in your prayers! Mary Beth had some complications after a C-Section. She will get to go home today, thank goodness! However, she won't be back to herself for quite a while. Pray for renewed energy for her!

Saturday we spent the day being lazy. Eddie and James got up and ran a few errands and when they got back we put James down for a nap, Eddie napped on the sofa, and I watched a movie on television. It's been forever since we've done that! Amazing!

Sunday morning we went to church and James had a marvelous time in the nursery. Everyone always comments about how laid-back and smiley he is. I mentioned that he's always better when we're out than at home and he must've understood what I said because the minute we got in the car he began to fuss! HA!

Sunday afternoon Mom, Sonny, and Anna all came by for a visit. We loaded up and went to Bonefish. Eddie and I had never eaten there before but it was GREAT. We took James with us (obviously) and it was fancier than the restaurants that we've braved with him before. He was PERFECT, though. When he started getting loud (yelling at me about feeding him my mashed potatoes) Anna took him for a stroller ride in Barnes and Noble.

The weekend was fun! I do have pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.

James and I are headed to Tifton for a lunch visit today. It's going to be super-quick but hopefully I'll get some pictures with the Lunch Bunch!

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