Friday, June 25, 2010

Lake Keowee: June 17th, Day 6

Eddie decided to call the car place first thing on Thursday morning to find out what was going on. They still hadn't looked at it. (Look, I can appreciate the fact that they were backed up...but come on! I probably should've called them myself and cried and told them we have a baby and no place to stay, etc.) They looked at it pretty soon after and discovered that the problem was...


It had to be replaced. The problem? (I mean the next problem. Obviously this whole thing was a problem.) I apparently have a 5-liter radiator which is uncommon. The closest radiator that would work was in Asheville, NC. They were going to drive it down to replace ours.

The next problem? Our vacation rental was up and we had no way to get home. And we knew that James and I couldn't sit at the car repair place all day. (Although, come to think of it, it might've sped them up just a tad!)

Here's the best part:

We wound up dividing up among the various aunts and uncles who were still at the lake. (Dad and Laura left Tuesday night.) James and I rode home (to Roswell) with Grandmommie, Lori, and Scott. Eddie was taken by Betsy to the car shop. Our luggage traveled with Aly, Brad, Gray, and Cole.

Lord, have mercy.

We were just glad they were able to take us in some form or fashion. I'm not sure if you're aware how difficult carseats are. I wasn't aware until we started trying to think about where we'd put it! There's a lot to be said for children who are old enough to ride in a regular seatbelt. Or just a booster for that matter. Whew!

I was so tired and just wanted to be home at this point.

Fortunately, the radiator was able to be installed on Thursday which meant Eddie wouldn't have to spend an extra day in Anderson. His cousin graciously went by the car place and picked Eddie up to do various chores and errands all day instead of sitting at the car place. The car was ready by five so he left then to head to Roswell to pick us up.

I called Dad on the way to Roswell to let him know that James and I would just spend the day at his house BUT (you knew there'd be something else, right?) their air conditioner was out and it was forty-eleven-hundred degrees in their house. Fantastic! So...we went to Grandmommie's instead. I am sure she just wanted to go to her house and be away from everyone by this point in the week but she was very sweet to put up with us.

When we got to Grandmommie's, she went to pick up her dog, Mia. James explored while she was gone.

When Mia arrived she was so happy to be home! She was a wild-woman! Whew! James was very interested in looking at her and was even allowed to pet her ears! She licked all over his legs and feet and he loved it. The Boy has never met a dog he didn't like (except maybe Dixie...but that's just because she's too mean to actually meet!).

We finally, finally got home right at 11pm on Thursday night.

All in all it was a fantastic trip! The lake was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. If only we hadn't had stupid car issues while we were there. I'd been hoping to get a new car sometime in the very near future...not sure that's going to happen now that we've just gotten a brand new radiator. Oh well...Save the money for something else, I suppose!

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