Friday, June 25, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

Before James was born I was insistent that I was going to make my own baby food. It's healthier, it's tastier, it's cheaper. Unfortunately, I've been unsure about how to go about it. I've pureed a few things now and then - avocadoes, mangoes, etc. - but I haven't been all that successful.

Last weekend, I decided to find baby food cookbooks - you know I love a cookbook! - online. I found two that sounded good to me and they were both delievered to my house yesterday.

I haven't actually tried the recipes yet, but I wanted to give my opinions after just flipping through. So far, I love Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. She and I agree on a number of points and she also agrees with a lot of the things our pediatrician is telling us. For now, a vegetarian diet is best for James. Fruits and vegetables, along with some whole grains, are all he needs. He doesn't have to eat meats or dairy products yet. She has listed how much and how often he should be eating at 8 months and I appreciate someone telling me that. I've often thought that I'm feeding him too many times a day. I'm still nursing 4-5 times daily, in addition to two baby food feedings. She has it laid out this way:

Upon awakening - breast/bottle
Breakfast - 3 food servings and breast/bottle or cup
Lunch - 3 food servings and breast/bottle or cup
Supper - 3 food servings and breast/bottle or cup
Bedtime - breast or bottle of water
Plus one or two Super Snacks, water, and diluted juice.

I'm doing almost all of this. I'm planning to add in a lunchtime baby food feeding as well as the Super Snacks that she suggests. Super Snacks are mostly finger foods so that he can learn to begin feeding himself.

So far, love this book.

I just flipped through Top 100 Baby Purees last night very quickly, but the recipes are things that we don't even usually eat. The author suggests adding a cheese sauce to vegetables and also suggests feeding babies meats starting at 6 months. Why, why, why would I add cheese sauce to anything he's eating right now. Isn't that for hiding vegetables when your kids won't eat them? Maybe she's trying to get dairy in, but it was my understanding that babies under a year old don't need dairy. I might try those recipes when he's older, but I'll be holding off for now.

I'll keep updating on how my homemade baby food is going! Anyone have any baby food ideas?

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