Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls' Night Out!

By about 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning I was feeling irritated, frustrated, and cooped up. I've had lots of housework to catch up on this week since we were out of town last week and I was tired of looking at laundry, tired of cleaning toilets, and tired of listening to a whiny baby. (In his defense...teething.)

So...I rounded up two friends who live nearby and made a movie date with them for Thursday night! Thank goodness for getting out every once in a while!

We went for Mexican food and daiquiris/margaritas at a restaurant down the street and then tried out our brand new movie theater. We saw "Get Him to the Greek," and while it was extremely crude humor, we laughed the whole time. *Warning* SUPER crude movie. Even more crude than "The Hangover." But it was really, really funny and we laughed the whole time.

While we were out I learned about these:

I thought this was hilarious! (Molly...this made me flash back to visiting in Houston and putting on fake fingernails!) WELL...I bought some tonight at Target and I just have to say that they are genius. Coming from someone who hasn't had a pedicure in almost two years (both a budget and being a germ-a-phobe have prevented it), these are fantastic. My only complaint is that I could only find them in a French pedicure, no colors at all. So funny! I'm enjoying them so far. We'll see how long they actually last!

I'm trying to figure out what James and I are going to do tomorrow. Eddie will be out of town all day and I'm really dreading another day in the house. I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order, as well as a trip to TJ Maxx. I'm so glad he doesn't care where we shop yet. I'm in home makeover mode and the guest bedroom needs some shaping up. We'll see what we can find!


Catherine White said...

Aww I'm so glad you got out of the house! I'm sure you go stir crazy. I go that way in Hazlehurst because I know NO ONE. I can't wait to hear about the toe nails! Please keep me posted =) Have a great day out tomorrow !

Miss Molly said...

Lauren Ha ha ! I love ready your blog! I’m glad I’m not the only girl out there who is tired of her surroundings :) I am too excited about those nails! I’m gonna go to Wal-Mart to see if they have them. I’ve never had fake tips or acrylics put on and lately I’ve wanted them. Hopefully it won’t turn out like my attempt to apply fake eyelashes-glued my eye shut! More to come - Love yall-Molly