Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lake Keowee: June 13th, Day 2

When I was in high school Coach Torell had a motto that mostly made up for me. "Come when you can, leave when you want to!" he'd say. This was largely due to the fact that I was late for school almost every day (much to Anna's dismay...she was much more studious than I) and upon arrival I would be counted for attendance and then tell him I was leaving to "sell ads," which was really just code for "go get breakfast." Ah, the life of a senior in journalism. Ha!

For some reason, these lake pictures are making me think of my "Come when you can..." motto. Anytime, Lauren! Just take your time about editing them! What is wrong with me?

Day 2 was our first full day at Lake Keowee!

After breakfast we got on our bathing suits and headed out to the lake.

Below is the house that we stayed in (a side view). It was great because there was plenty of room for all of us! In total, there were 17 of us I think.

The picture below cracks me up. I should've made them get up and turn the tube around so they weren't looking into the sun! Ha! They only stayed like this for the picture, though.

It's difficult to take pictures of a moving target! The boys (Gray and Cole) wanted to tube. We hooked it up and made Eddie test-drive it before we put them in. Poor Eddie! Thankfully, Brad's knots held and the boys were able to go for a ride.

James couldn't keep his eyes open on the boat! He fell asleep almost every time!

After the lake, we did a little yoga. Ha!

After James had a bath, he and Laura decided to entertain us all with a song from Phantom of the Opera. He's a prodigy.

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Miss Molly said...

I wish my downward facing dog looked like James', I've never been able to do it right !