Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lake Keowee: June 14th, Day 3

Monday morning was not much different than any other morning we spent at the lake. James rose at the crack of dawn and we ventured out to the screened in porch so that we wouldn't wake anyone else in the house up. There were a few consistent early risers. One, in particular, was Cole. James and Cole had the BEST time together on vacation!

The men (Dad, Eddie, Scott, and Brad) played golf on Monday morning. The rest of us lounged around the house. I think one group of people went out for a pontoon boat ride while Gray, James, and I elected to stay at the house.

After Eddie got back he and James took a much-needed nap in the hammock out in the yard. I didn't get a single picture of all of their naps that they took out there!

Twenty-some-odd years ago Mama sold Discovery Toys and collected a set of cups that she dug out of the attic and gave to me as a baby shower gift. They have been a hit with James and with everyone else who has played with them. If I'd only brought those cups he would've been totally fine to play with them the whole time.

Cole liked to stack them all up in a hurry before James could knock them over. Once the tower was demolished he'd start over! (Notice how James is "standing." I think that if he could walk, he would. He'd rather be in that position than on his hands and knees. If only his legs were strong enough!)

Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of cards were played. Mostly Hearts. It's too bad that Dad and I didn't video tape our rendition of "You gotta know when to hold 'em! Know when to fold 'em! Know when to walk away! Know when to run!" It was a noisy mess of a song with one of us singing high-pitched back up. I could not stop laughing.

I got so tickled at Cole while they were stacking up the cups. Aly told him to "Say timber!" and he responded with "September!" Ha! It sounded similar, right? She corrected him and he wasn't sure what timber meant. I've been saying "September!" since then!

During one card game, Gray looked out the window and noticed that their float was escaping. Aly had bought a huge float from Kohl's that multiple people could climb on and try to rock the others off. Well, it was out in the middle of the lake. Being a good swimmer, Scott volunteered to retrieve it.

See him way out there? Upon returning, he said that the swim itself wasn't bad. He realized pretty quickly on the return, though, that not only was the float attatched to the buoy, it was still attached to the cinder block as well! He had to swim back dragging all of that!

Lori, Aly, Grandmommie, and Laura were very good baby-holders. I didn't have to do a whole lot the entire time we were gone! I've more than made up for it since we've been back, though!

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Mary Beth said...

I actually remember when your mom sold discovery toys. I LOVED going to visit yall because yall always had better toys than us! Hilarious!!!