Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay, So Where Was I?

I'm never going to get things back together around here!

Yesterday, James and I made a day-trip to Tifton in order to pick up his beloved best friend whom he had missed SO much. Seriously, when James woke up in the Zaxby's drive-thru at 7 o'clock last night and realized that Scout was sitting behind him in her crate he squealed and squealed!

While in Tifton we were able to run to the bank, go by Poppy's office, visit "Grandma Debbie" and "Auntie Anna" (the Cohens), talk to Aunt Sassy about her Peruvian experience, Poppy came back to the house to play, we went and picked up Scout, ran Mrs. Amy's birthday gift to her house, went through Sonic, and headed home in the middle of a horrible storm! Whew! I felt like there wasn't much time to sit yesterday because we were playing and visiting the whole time!

I'm working on editing the other days of the lake while James takes a GOOD nap this morning (AND he let me sleep in until 8:45!). I'll get those up today and tomorrow.

On another note, Mama just called to say that Little Miss Guest may be making her debut a little earlier than expected. I cannot wait to meet that sweet little girl! I'm so excited for Mary Beth and Dutch!


Catherine White said...

The weather was AWFUL yesterday. But, So glad you got to go home. I'm jealous. I miss that place soo much!

Whitney J. said...

Gracious! You WERE busy yesterday! Thanks for saving a lil time so that I could drop by and pick up that stuff! Can't wait to see the new mag in July!