Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Update - Easter Weekend

On Friday, Eddie had the day off. He spent the day working in the yard and I spent the day preparing for some neighbors to come over. We had the Rhodes' over that night. Matt and Meredith live a block over from us and have two little boys - Scott and Reed. We got to know them in a pretty roundabout way! Meredith's grandmother goes to our church in Tifton and when she (Mrs. Whiddon) found out where we'd moved she passed our names along. In other "it's a small world" connections, they're good friends with Gary and Amy Willis - Lori Bargeron's sister! Anyway, the Rhodes came over for dinner - pork loin, macaroni and cheese, salad, bread, and brownie trifle. We had fun hiding and finding Easter eggs and the boys were great entertainment for James.

We left for Tifton Saturday morning and divided our afternoon/evening time with Mrs. Bobby, my parents, Aunt Sassy, and the Dinner Club (minus the Warrens and Perrys plus the Brannens) crowd. I had no idea how rigid a schedule I'd gotten James on until I took him off of it. By 8 o'clock he was through for the night. We spent the night at the Fresh's house and he actually slept well, despite being in a different place.

The Easter Bunny visited Grandmama and Grandaddy's house and brought this for James:

It plays "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" and hops along with the music. He, obviously, wasn't too sure about it.

Here we are in our Easter outfits after church.

James wanted a picture with Aunt Sassy as well.

He enjoyed the cradle swing at Cacky's. (Nope, he's not rotten at all. He didn't have anyone hovering over him the whole weekend and he's certainly not ruined now...as he screams in his crib because I'm not holding him for a nap.)

When we got home the Easter Bunny had been to OUR house as well! James racked up! He got Toy Story, a float for the pool this weekend, Little Swimmers, a teether, two sippy cups, and new car seat toys.

He was quite pleased with his stash.

And for Cacky: he sported his robe after bathtime on Sunday night.


pcb said...

What a chunk! Reminds me of one time when I was waiting on my cousin, Worth heavily on my hip, and she told me to "Put Lard down." Ha! His chubby look lasted just a few months...until he started walking.

pcb said...

And I use the word "chunk" sweetly...didn't want you to take it the wrong way! Love me some chunky baby. :)

Lauren said...

We call him the chunk. It's hilarious. I can't wait to see whether it stays or goes with crawling/walking. (I can, however, wait for the crawling/walking part.)