Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Patio Project

The patio furniture has been on my "to do" radar for a while now. It should've been done two summers ago, but I was planning a wedding. It should've been done last summer but I was hugely pregnant and hot as blue blazes. I have no excuses this year (and thank Heavens for that!) so I decided last Tuesday was the day.
I'll tell you a secret if you won't tell Eddie. Since it was at the top of my "to do" list, but it wasn't anywhere near the top of his, I knew that if I did all of the "work" myself, he'd paint it for me as soon as I asked.

So on Tuesday I put on a bathing suit (yikes!) and sat out on the patio during nap times to work.

And sometimes I wound up having a little helper.

I scrubbed and scrubbed with sand paper, a wire brush, and steel wool.
I complained on Facebook and you all told me that I was over-doing it. I had to. I had to make it look really bad and be TOTALLY sure I was done with it by the time Eddie got home from work.
If I hadn't, he wouldn't have sprayed it for me. He would've told me to keep working on it. But the problem was, we were having friends over for dinner on Friday and I knew it needed to be sprayed on Wednesday at the latest (we were going to go to church on Thursday but I decided I needed to visit with Heather more) so that it would be dry in time to sit outside on Friday.
So he sprayed it. And good gracious does it look better!
But now it's a stupid yellow-y color. Pollen has just hit these parts in the last week.
James is so glad that we finished that project. He was not a fan of me being so covered in paint chips that I couldn't pick him up.

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