Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egyptian Cotton for Peru!

If you know me, you know that I've been to Peru on mission trips twice and Eddie has been three times. We love Peru! Anna and Lance are going on a mission trip there this summer, and they're selling sheets to help the cost.

First Methodist Church in Tifton is selling Egypitan Cotton (Eddie was disappointed it wasn't Peruvian cotton, too...) 1200 thread count sheets to help raise money for a mission trip to Peru in June. One set of sheets is $35. The sheets come in King, Queen and Full sizes. There are twelve colors including: white, black, off-white, khaki, merlot, mint green, chocolate brown, lavendar, cornflower blue, terracotta, bronze and silver. A set includes one top sheet, on deep pocket fitted sheet and four pillow cases. If you're interested, leave a message here or email me at In order to support our trip, you'll need to place an order before May 1! This is for a really good cause and we really appreciate all the support!

I ordered my set last week! Get yours today!

PS - If you're a friend and I know you I'll tell you where they'll be in Tifton this Saturday morning so that you can see the sheets and place an order!

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