Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Bunny Boy...

On Thursday, before we left to visit the Putnals, Eddie came home for lunch with a gift.

In a bag was the cutest little bunny rabbit outfit.

Eddie said that Whitney, a girl in his office, bought it for her son, Rhodes, who is two months younger than James.

Unfortunately, Rhodes is a skinny little thing who hasn't packed on the pounds like James has.

So James wore the outfit instead!
Since he was so cute, I wanted some pictures of him outside when we got home that afternoon.
Next time I need to remember to put Scout in the garage when I'm trying to take pictures. Note that in the above picture, she's given up trying to get me to throw her tennis ball and has resorted to asking James. I assure you that if he could throw, he would be outside with her all the time. He thinks she's the most wonderful thing!

Because she is obviously way more interesting than I am.

I still think he's a cute little bunny boy, though.

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