Tuesday, April 20, 2010

James at Six Months...

Excuse me, didn't I JUST write this post for FIVE MONTHS??? Anytime we want to slow down the days is fine with me.

James has a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning so I'll give you the "official" weight and height measurements then. I feel certain that if he was a year old he could ride in a forward-facing carseat, though. Good heavens, he's heavy!

At six months, James...

* Has fallen off the schedule wagon. We've been so on the go lately that our naptimes have gotten totally out of whack. Oh well. The night-time schedule is like clockwork, though! Eddie feeds James around 7 (when he'll actually eat...I've never seen such a fat boy dislike food so much!) while I clean up the kitchen. He has a bath between 7:15 and 7:30. We do our jammie-time, books, snuggles around 8. Eddie rocks him until he falls asleep. He is almost always in the bed and asleep by 9! (I’ll regret saying this, I know…)

* He's still wearing a size 3 diaper.

* He's eating every 3 hours during the day.
* He likes his pacifier more now than he has in the past. He takes it more often during the day now.

* He doesn't keep his hands out of his mouth. If his hands aren't in there he's either chewing his wubbie or a burp cloth or the seat of the Jumperoo.

* He's not very concerned about which finger is in his mouth, as long as he has one or all of them in his mouth. I have to keep lotion on his hands because he's sucked them raw!

* HE SLEEPS IN HIS CRIB ALL NIGHT LONG!!! (Again, I know I’ll regret saying this…)

* He's pretty happy during the day but is the most happy first thing in the morning. Sometimes it might've been close to 4 hours since his last meal but he has to talk to me before he eats. If I try to get him to eat instead of talk it's pointless. I just have to listen and talk back until he realizes he's hungry.

* He has TWO teeth that he proudly shows off (and will use if you're brave enough to stick a finger in his mouth!).
* Still loves his carseat. He's more alert in the car these days, especially on short trips. He doesn't fall asleep immediately anymore unless it's truly naptime.

* Still loves to be on the go! He acts so much better in public than at home. I think he just likes looking at new things.

* He now rides in a grocery cart and sits in a high chair at restaurants. Little boy LOVES to be able to look around!

* Still loves a bath.

* He can bear weight on his legs for a few minutes. If he gets tired he squats down.

* His head is totally stable unless he’s just gotten up from a nap and is a little groggy.

* Likes tummy-time more now because we do it at bedtime when Eddie's reading to him. The Boy LOVES to read!

* He can sit up on his own! He stays sitting up for long periods. Sometimes he flops sideways or backwards, but for the most part he's a self-sitter!
* He still jabbers ALL the time. He's not really grunty anymore. He's laughing more often and is  very ticklish.

* He's gotten better about putting his pacifier in his mouth but still needs to do some work on that trick!

* He reaches for and grabs things that are put in front of him.

* He can roll from his back to his tummy and from tummy to back. We cannot keep him from doing it anymore. If he’s laid on his back, he immediately flips over.

* He wants to crawl badly but can't figure out how to get his legs underneath him. Instead, he rolls or turns himself on the floor in a circle. I've had to start picking up everything. Baby-proofing time is rapidly approaching, as is the time when I will have no time to sit still!
* He’s finding his voice. He squeals ALL the time. So cute!

* He's so much fun right now!

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Anna Catherine said...

Dude! Where are the pictures? I need to see the squishy baby!