Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Update!

I feel like a lot of my blogs have been sort of "heavy" lately...and this one isn't going to change that direction. Hopefully soon, though!

I have been reading Angie Smith's blog for about two years now. Her story is incredible. It is one of love, loss, and faith in God. I am amazed by her perserverance.

Angie and Todd Smith lost a baby girl two years ago the day that she was born. Audrey Caroline had many, many complications before she was born and doctors told the Smiths that they would never take their baby home. I Will Carry You is about the decisions they faced during that time and is such a moving story. I've read all about it on her blog, but the book's words are even better.

Having so many friends who have faced infertility, miscarriage, the death of a child, and time in the NICU, this is a tough read. But Angie's words are so inspiring and uplifting. I can't encourage anyone to read this. It absolutely has to be your own decision. If I wore the shoes of my friends I'm not sure whether I could read this or not. However, it is absolutely amazing. I haven't been able to turn my Kindle off since it arrived yesterday. It is fantastic.

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