Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day(s)...

Pictures now, update later...
Eddie got home from work on Friday around 4 o'clock. We got bundled up and of course someone decided he was hungry and needed a snack...because he looks like he needs something to eat, right?

Whew! Starvation averted! Time to play!
Horrible picture but it sums up exactly how James felt about the snow!
Scout enjoyed hunting for "snowballs!"

He felt a little better when held out of the wind and snow!

But after about five minutes, he decided he'd rather watch from inside! I put him in his high chair, pulled him up to the back door, and he watched us play!

When we got cold we took a ride around the neighborhood. Keep in mind that the snow continued for probably 6 or 7 hours after this.

The house. HUGE snowflakes!

Do not be alarmed...that isn't snow in Scout's crate. No, that would be stuffing from her BRAND NEW BED. She's not been on my good list lately...She's also chewed my adirondack chair. She's good at looking pitiful, isn't she?

Day 2: 3-4 inches of snow is what we've heard we got. We guessed around 3!


Nothing to do with the snow...Curious George was on TV. He is a TV-aholic and gets in "the zone." Ridiculous.

Photo shoot!

Time to play in the snow again!

Keep in mind that this was taken on Saturday at noon! We still had snow today (Sunday) but not much!

Snow wears a boy out!

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Anna Catherine said...

He obviously gets the TV trait from Aunt Sassy! Hehe