Friday, February 19, 2010

What We've Been Up To...Alternately Titled: Mom Checked the Blog Six Times Yesterday....

I got an email from Mom this morning (hi, Mom!) that said she'd checked my blog SIX times yesterday. I can't imagine how many times she would've checked if she hadn't been at the beach with her friends! What an exciting trip that must've been if she had all that free time on her hands!

So...what have we been up to since last we met?

Monday was Presidents' Day so we were blessed to have Eddie at home with us. The Little Stinker took at three hour long nap that morning. While I'm pleased that we got lots done around the house, he made me look oh so bad. He NEVER takes three hour naps. Eddie was left wondering why I never get anything done. Grrr.

We've needed a new hot water heater for months and months so Monday morning the plumbers came by. Unfortunately, they didn't stay long because the wrong hot water heater was ordered.

We've also needed to put blinds up in our dining room since we moved in. While our white sheet that we have hanging in the front window is so classy looking, it's time to break down and try to fit into the neighborhood and make it look a little better. We had two blinds companies come by to measure and give us an estimate. The first people that came by were very sweet and welcomed us to the area. Awesome. Our house looks like we've just moved in because I have no storage in my dining room and I have Southern Living boxes everywhere. They measured and told us they'd call us later with an estimate. The second guy that came by cracked me up! He asked where we worked and after Eddie told him where he worked the guy immediately spat out a name of a co-worker whose blinds he put in three years ago! I told him I'd been a teacher at one of the high schools here - he graduated a child from that school. I told him I'd been a teacher in Tifton before we'd moved - he has family from Tifton (and Monty Spinks at that! Ha!). After we laughed about what a close connection that was, he told us he'd grown up in Cuthbert. Yep, we've got family there that he knows! Too funny. We laughed and laughed.

Ok, so in all seriousness, I have to share this. The second blinds guy gave us an estimate right then. It was under $300. The first people called back later and their quote was DOUBLE. I made Eddie call them back to make sure they'd priced faux-wood blinds. Oh yes, my friends. FAUX wood blinds for almost $600. No thanks! I was SHOCKED at the price difference.

On Tuesday, James and I had a lunch date with my new friend Meredith. She and her little girl, Gracie, met us at Panera in Macon. She's my Southern Living sponsor and she loaded me down with all kinds of gifts and wisdom. She's such a sweet lady!

On Wednesday, James and I had another lunch date. This was the one that we canceled last Friday because of the snow and the fact that school was canceled. Stacy is a friend of mine that I taught with last year. She has two little girls, Abby and Camryn. Abby is in daycare and it was canceled last Friday due to weather so we put our date off. Camryn was born almost exactly two months after James and it is hilarious how teensy she is compared to him! He makes her look so, so tiny!!! We enjoyed eating lunch with them!

On Thursday, Eddie came home at 3:30 because the plumbers were coming back. The hot water heater was a piece of cake to put in. While they were there, we also needed them to run a water line because we moved our refrigerator when we moved in. Should have been a pretty simple process of drilling through my cabinets. Well. Three hours later they finally finished. Apparently we had an extra wall under our countertops that can't be seen. The ran the line from behind the stove through three walls and over to the fridge. The extra wall caused problems because they couldn't see to drill and they couldn't see to put the line through. That wasn't supposed to be the hard part! Ha!

This morning we got up (I got up at 5:20 but James FINALLY slept through the night again!) and got ready to go to the doctor's office. Because we were running ahead of schedule, J thought it would be a good idea to throw up his breakfast (every little bit of it) all over me and my clean clothes and his pajamas and then Eddie. Very nice. We made it to the doctor's office on time. I'll post his new height/weight tomorrow on his 4 month update. He did great at the doctor's office - even with shots! He laughed and smiled at Dr. W. and really showed him how much he likes to be in the spotlight! He's gotten to be such a little ham! I remember a pacifier this time and shots were MUCH better than last month. We'll go back again at 6 months. Good news is that we're starting cereal tonight! Woohoo!

Tomorrow our Dinner Club friends are coming up for supper and the rodeo!!! With 8 adults and 6 kids, I'm sure that'll be a post in and of itself! Hopefully I'll remember to take lots of pictures. The poor people sitting around us!!! Ha!

Have a good weekend!


pcb said...

Yes, us moms do like it when the blog is updated!

My husband was born in Cuthbert AND college roommate (Godmother to both Worth and Kate)grew up there.

Linda said...

You know that Bess & Meg's dad is originally from Cuthbert...I knew that the Spinks were related to the Fords I think over there...Jake Jernigan (also their kin) goes hunting over there all the time..talked with your Mom a few minutes ago...what a coincidence...and all she can talk about is that baby boy!!! he is beautiful!