Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Yet...

No baby yet! Hopefully we'll make it through the weekend. I've been having some mild contractions. When I say mild, I mean really, really mild usually. As in, I feel them begin but don't even notice when they taper off. I'm sure I'm totally missing some of them. They definitely aren't timeable at all.

I've been really worn out this week. I was better today and actually got some of my housework done. The past two days, though, I haven't done much and I took two naps each day. Today I got a LOT done this morning and then took a nap this afternoon.

The Dinner Club folks are coming Saturday afternoon so we have a big weekend planned. I'll be cooking for that tomorrow. If the rain will hold off for us we're planning to go to Lane's pumpkin patch. Can't wait for that. What is it about a pumpkin patch that's so pretty? I love the fall colors! Wish it'd be cool and clear this weekend! Wish I could wear jeans and a sweater! Bring on the cold weather!

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Anna Catherine said...

I think he needs to come on a weekend so I can be there for the whole event! Tell him he can't come before a Friday!