Friday, October 9, 2009

The Weekend Ahead...

I finally got out of the house tonight. I was going stir-crazy. If I go anywhere during the week, I spend money. I've been trying to avoid that, thus giving myself the worst case of cabin fever I've ever had. But finally, finally I left the house today! Woohoo! Eddie and I went with a girl he works with and her husband to Longhorn and then ran a few errands. It miraculously changed my mood. Ahhh.

We also FINALLY finished unpacking the stuff in our dining room tonight. We'd been putting it off because a lot of the boxes in there had the type of stuff that you don't want to get rid of, but you don't really know what to do with it. And so it just sat. We've moved some of it into the office in an effort to get me to go through it, we've put some in the back of my car to take to Goodwill, we've thrown some away, and we've put some in the attic. It looks and feels so much better!

Tomorrow some friends are coming up to hang out, go to the pumpkin patch, and eat supper. Can't wait to see all of them! Guess I'll start my cooking in the morning. I also need to run a few errands before everyone gets here.

I'll alert the media if there is any baby action prior to Sunday or Monday. Anna has requested that he be born on a weekend. I'm not sure that I can plan for that. If I plan and have an induction, my guess is my doctor won't choose Saturday to induce. Sorry Aunt Sassy!

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