Friday, September 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live: Baby Gear

I'm WAY ahead of the game here. I'm posting this on September 25 and Kelly is not doing this "tour" until NEXT Friday. However, in the event that I have a baby by next Friday (Mom is at Disney World this week and will PANIC when she reads that - I'm not at the hospital, I promise...), I'd like to go ahead and get some input. I'll repost on her blog when it's really time.
This week on her blog she has readers posting their favorite baby gear. Favorite things they have or the necessities that people need. I don't want to share any of my "favorites" because I don't think it's fair since I've gotten WONDERFUL gifts over the past few weeks. I've shared a few of the baby things that we've gotten and pictures from my showers so if you'd like to see those, go right ahead!
My question is: What do I ABSOLUTELY need when we bring The Boy home from the hospital? What type of things made your lives easier with a new baby in the house? What things will I probably not think of? Help me come up with some of the most practical, realistic things that if I haven't been given, I need to run out and buy. We have one more shower next week and then Mom and I plan on stocking up on the necessities after that.
Also, can I just tell you how spoiled rotten and blessed my child already is? He has a room full of the most precious things. Things I never would've thought to get for him, things that are sweet, things that are heartfelt. Y'all have definitely gone overboard for this baby boy! I cannot WAIT to introduce him to everyone!

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