Monday, September 28, 2009

37 Weeks...

We had our 37 week check up at 8:15 this morning. I was dreading this appointment a bit. My blood pressure was 122/84 and The Boy's heartrate was (I think) 141. According to my scale at home I've gained right at 22.4 pounds. If I went by their scale it would be more like 27 pounds, but I can't remember what my initial weight was at their office (and I wasn't seen until 12 weeks anyway...). So I'm somewhere between 20-25 pounds total.

I didn't get to see Dr. H. today so I couldn't beg her to be the one to deliver my baby, but I did see Dr. W., which is almost as wonderful and I was satisfied. Is it bad to have a male doctor phobia? I'm sure the one to deliver me will be Dr. L., whom I've never even laid eyes on. Oh well.

Dr. W. measured my belly and I'm measuring 32 cm (which is strange...I thought I was supposed to be around 37 cm at this point...maybe that's why everyone keeps saying I look small). She felt The Boy from the outside and is estimating that we'll have a baby that is 6.5-7 pounds at birth. Woohoo! No 9-pounders for me! (On a sidenote, did y'all hear about the Indonesian lady who had the 19.2 pound baby recently? WHAT?!?)

She did my Group B Strep test and I'll get the results back for that next week. She also checked to see if I've dilated but couldn't tell today. I'm assuming that means I'm probably not. The BEST news of the day, though, is that she's 100% sure that I have a head-down baby! Yippee! Unless there is some sort of complication, this baby will NOT be a C-Section. I'm so proud of him!

I asked about some numbness/pain I've been having on my upper belly. Sometime this summer I started feeling itchy and a little like I had a rash on my stomach. It's gotten worse lately - no relief at all - and has begun burning and turning numb. Shelley said last week that she thought it was probably just a nerve. When I asked Dr. W. about it today, she agreed that it was a nerve issue. She gave me the name of it but I can't remember what she said it was. I think it's a combination of where he's laying and how my skin is being stretched. Good to know it's not a big deal, though!

I think that's all from today! We have another appointment next Monday at 8:15. Maybe we'll find out how close we are then!

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pcb said...

Glad you're doing well. I had that numb spot, too, when I was pregnant with Worth.