Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy Week Ahead!

We had a fun, but busy weekend and it looks like this week will be the same for us!

On Friday night we had several errands to run around town so Eddie and I headed out when he got off work and even had dinner out. That seems to be more and more rare these days! We ate dinner at O'Charley's, which seems to be one of my favorite chain restaurants in town. We also had to make a run by Michael's, Target, and Sears. We bought The Boy a bookshelf at Target. Poor little thing only has about five books, but I'm sure I'll be able to fill those shelves quickly!

Yesterday morning we got up and Eddie got busy on the fence again. He only lacks the gates and the poor guy worked on those ALL day. He was literally outside at work from 9-5 with a short break for lunch! Still not finished but he's made a lot of progress!

While he was outside, I was busy cleaning up inside. We invited a friend of ours, Ashley - who is a freshman at a nearby college, to come over for "dinner" and to watch the Georgia game. I made tailgating food for dinner and we really enjoyed getting to visit with her. She's one of the sweetest people and I'm glad she's 30 minutes down the road instead of an hour and a half. Although, I know her mama wishes she was closer to home! We were excited that Ashley watching with us brought good luck and Georgia wound up beating South Carolina! Woohoo! Poor Ashley trekked all the way out to Oklahoma last weekend when they lost. We were glad for a turnaround!

I've been lazy this morning and haven't gotten much done. Eddie has been a part of the Leadership Group through the Chamber of Commerce here and his last "project" was to go on a police ride-along today. A girl who works with him, Brandie, stopped by to pick him up just a few minutes ago. It makes me think of the episode of Friends where Phoebe is dating a police officer and the three guys go on a ride-along with him. A car backfires, they think they're being shot at, and Ross talks about his "near death" experience. It's a funny one! I'm not sure that either Eddie or Brandie really wanted to go and they're not expecting a hilarious sitcom experience from it!

Tomorrow I go for my 35 week checkup. I'll update then on how we're looking. I'm hoping they'll be able to tell me how he's positioned and about how big he is. I'll be interested in both of those things!

On Thursday, I FINALLY have a pregnancy massage appointment! I cannot WAIT for Thursday morning to roll around. That afternoon Mom's friends are getting together for a lunch mini-shower (sprinkle?) for me. I'm sure it will be a hoot!

On Saturday, my Dinner Club girls are giving me another shower. I'm really looking forward to seeing them as well as those that come. After that I have another friend's baby shower, Dinner Club that night, and a Georgia game to watch!

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about this week! So many fun things to do!

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