Monday, September 14, 2009

35 Weeks...

I love Dr. H. LOVE her. She is the sweetest, most wonderful doctor in the entire practice and I am crossing my fingers that she will be there for D-day.

The 35-week check-up went great. I was wrong about the Group B testing - that'll happen next time. According to our scale at home I've gained 21 pounds; according to the doctor's scale I've gained 25 pounds. My blood pressure was 112/66. The Boy's heartrate was 148 bpm. He sounded great.

Dr. H. said that next time we come in she'll also check for dilation, check his position (I'm assuming he's head-down now - I have feet in my ribs and something that looks very similar to a heiny at the top of my belly), and guess about how much he weighs. No more ultrasounds. I was sad to hear that, but I know it won't be long before we'll see his REAL face!

We asked about flu shots. Obviously, she was adamant that we get them. I've scheduled both of us an appointment at Walgreens next weekend so that we can get them then. I can't believe Eddie is getting a flu shot. It blows my mind. I had one in April but she said it would be a different strain and I'd need another. She also recommends the H1N1 vaccine - we don't know how we feel about getting a shot for a BRAND NEW illness. Anyone else getting one?

It was a great visit. She hugged me when we left. Seriously? I've never had a doctor hug me before? I'm telling you - she's the BEST.

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