Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Update...

I haven't done my book update in almost a month and since the last post I've only read TWO books. I've been in a reading slump lately!

First, I finished Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. It was a really cute book about a boy who is starting high school and finds out his mom is pregnant with her third child. He begins a journal to this new "intruder" and begins to tell him/her the ins and outs of being in high school and what he learns along the way. It's a cute chronicling of losing friends, getting into fights, chasing after the girl he likes, and worrying about his mom. I really liked it a lot.

The second book I read was part of another series. It's called The Uglies. If you've ever read any of The Giver books (there are three in that series), it's a lot like those. These people live in a utopian society and at 16 they undergo plastic surgery to make them Pretty. The Uglies live in a world separate from The Pretties and everyone just waits for the moment they'll turn 16, have the surgery, and be able to live in this party world. The girl in the book, Tally, meets another girl named Shay who spends the remaining weeks before their birthday with her. Both have other friends who have all already turned 16 so they're left alone in Uglyville. Shay comes up with a plan to reject the surgery and run away to a place called The Smoke where she has heard people live beyond the surgery and the rules. Tally decides not to go with her but Shay leaves her instructions on how to get there in case she changes her mind. Unfortunately, when Tally goes for her surgery, The Specials (secret agents who make sure people are following the rules) tell her she can't have the surgery unless she goes after Shay and brings her back. She's forced to decide whether the surgery and the life she's always wanted is more important than her friendship with Shay. I really enjoyed this one as well! Very good, easy read! I'm working on the sequel, The Pretties, now.

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