Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Things...

While I've been a slacker-mama and haven't made ANY headway on The Boy's nursery, we HAVE bought a few things in the past two months that I thought I would share. I've gotten my fabric as well but I'm not going to show what it looks like until it's made and in the nursery.

Dad and Laura came to visit on Sunday. We celebrated Laura's birthday and had a cake and a gift card to CPK for her, but they also brought gifts for The Boy! They'd found this REALLY cute onesie that looks like a UGA jersey (but it's made out of a sweatshirt material) and it had little sweatpants to go with it. We will be ready for a Bowl game this year for sure!!! (Watching from home, I mean!) They also gave us a gift card for Target. That gift card burned a hole in my pocket until 11:30 on Sunday night when I ordered this:

This is the only cradle swing that I could find (I wanted a cradle swing) that was in some sort of neutral pattern. I LOVED another one that looked like a soft, squishy lamb but when you lay the baby in it, it looks like it has lamb ears. While I thought it was incredibly cute, my husband wasn't going for that option. This swing, though, has a place to put your iPod. We're very high-tech in our house. I like that because I can choose what music to play. I'll let you know how it works when we get it. It should be in sometime this week or next.

Back in June, Eddie, Mom, and I took a trip to Albany to go to Make Room for Baby. I thought it would be one of "those" stores, but I've actually really liked it. They have lots of nursery stuff. Melissa and her staff are VERY helpful. We had to go back last week to order a rocker and not only did she remember me, she remembered what fabric we'd been looking at when we were there. She's very down-to-earth and not at all pushy about what you order. My pictures aren't cooperating so it's just a picture of the crib, but's what is on its way:

This is the exact crib, in the exact color that we've ordered. It's a "lifestyle crib" so it converts into a toddler bed and then into a full-size bed. I wanted a dark wood color and this is the color that came for this particular bed. It's a cherry. We also bought a dresser to go with it that I'm going to use for his changing table. I'm excited to get it. They've already delivered the dresser but the bed came in white instead of cherry, so they had to reorder it. Like I said, we've also ordered a rocker/recliner in a khaki color. Hopefully all of it will be in by mid-September and I can get bedding put in it soon after that. Currently, his room still has a twin bed and a treadmill in it! Pitiful!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the swing thing w/ the DWELL fabric! That's the fabric that the bunk bedding is in the Southern Living Idea House