Monday, August 10, 2009

30 Weeks

Saw Dr. H. this morning at our 30 week appointment. She's really great. I like her a LOT. Immediately when she walked in she asked about my rapid heartrate. I told her that I'd still been experiencing that on and off and also that I'd noticed when I stand still (walking doesn't bother me) that I feel very hot, nauseated, and lethargic. Sitting immediately alleviates the problem. She told me that it's the same concept that you hear at your chorus concerts in middle school - when you stand and lock your knees your blood can't flow back up and your body causes you to pass out. Church is a lot of up and down and it has just about killed me every time I've gone this summer. She asked what I'd eaten for breakfast - cereal - and when - an hour before church. Apparently what I'm dealing with is called reactive hypo-glycemia. When I eat cereal (or anything that has sugar in it) first thing in the morning, it shocks my system - causing the rapid heartrate. Then, about an hour later, my body crashes and my sugar bottoms out. We asked if it was related to diabetes at all and whether my results two weeks ago were ok. She said that it could be considered a "pre-diabetic" state but that it didn't have any affect on the glucose tolerance test. I scored an 89 on that (anything less than 140 is considered normal). She asked about my family history for diabetes. My oh my...who HASN'T dealt with it later in life in my family??? She said that while it's probably been triggered because I am pregnant, I will probably have to deal with it forever and always. She suggested laying off the cereal because it just turns to sugar. I have to also increase my protein and she suggested doing that by taking protein supplements. Isn't that what people trying to INCREASE their weight have to take? Hmm...I'm thinking people who lift weights and all. So we'll try that. I also have to eat less food, more times during the day so that it turns out to be the same amount of food during the day. Make sense? Mini-meals.

In other news, my blood pressure was only 120/70 this week - unlike the 138/77 I got last time. The Boy's heartrate was 135 bpm - last time it was 144. Obviously that glucola hyped both of us up last time!

Good visit overall. Glad to have some answers and some solutions. I go back again in two weeks.

On my way home I had to run by Belk for more face wash from Clinique. (It's bonus time right now, so if you need to buy makeup, get it now! It's a good one!) While I was at Belk I looked at their big, fake rings. Apparently I now wear a size 7 and my size 6's (or 5.75's?) are just not cutting it. Or they ARE cutting into my fat fingers. Anyway, I bought two big, fake rings. They were on sale as well. My fingers are no longer naked, I no longer look like an unwed mother, and these don't make me look like I have sausages on the ends of my hands! Woohoo!

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NO BODY thinks that a ringless preg mother is unusual