Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Summer Bucket List!

It's almost time for our annual bucket list to kick off! We start this May 1st and go through Labor Day weekend and try to mark off as many items as possible! MANY of our items this year are plans that we've made and things we've already committed to. I'm realizing that the older they get, the busier the boys are! They come home daily wanting to add things to our calendar and we've already almost booked it so full that there will be very few "down" days, sadly. James will be out of town TWENTY-SEVEN days with just a few trips on the calendar. And that doesn't include a day trip, one overnight trip that we haven't settled on a date for, and anytime at my mom's condo.  I am determined to make this one SO fun and to live it up! The days I have with them are fleeting! Let's enjoy it!!!!

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