Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend!

So the lack of pictures around here and on Instagram is due entirely to the fact that my camera will no longer take photos or video. The only way I've been posting on IG at all is through InstaStories (which my phone will do because it doesn't save anything) and with Eddie's phone. My phone has too many pictures on it and the obvious answer is to DELETE THEM, but the phone won't allow me to do that either. SO. No pictures. But the new iPhone is set to drop on the 12th and then we have our fingers crossed that the LAST iPhone will drop in price (wishful thinking???) and I can actually afford it then. Last time I called Verizon they quoted me $800 and I think that's ABSURD. But whatever. I have to have one.

Anyway, all that to say that this Labor Day post is a POST an actual, real POST from me (three in a weekend, thankyouverymuch), but will lack pictures. You'll have to use your imagination.

We all had a four-day weekend this year (Saturday-Tuesday) and we STAYED AT HOME. It was wonderful. We typically go somewhere for Labor Day (and we thought about it), but we decided to stay put this year and celebrate Mom's birthday in town and it was fabulous.

On Friday, I worked until it was time to go and pick up the boys and then when I got to the school I realized that Grandmama had told me she would pick them up since she was working at their school that day. Doh. What's a girl to do except go straight back to work and continue working? NOT. I went home, ate leftover hibachi, and took. a. nap. Glory! Eddie woke me up when he got home so that I could get ready for the football game. (Football games are not my thing, but I'm 2/2 this year so far! The second one was HOT and I left during halftime, but Will wanted to go with me and told me on the way to the car that he would rather football games only last two quarters, so he and I may be buddies this year and only stay for part. Ha!) He got showered and then we watched a little Harry Potter when we got home. Very nice evening! The big boys got dropped off later and were excited that our team won their second game. Woohooo!

On Saturday, Anna and Merritt were in town for Mom's birthday so they dropped by to play for a while. She thinks James and Will are hilarious and loves to boss them around. She does NOT understand wrestling, and fusses at them to stop when they start rolling around on the floor. As soon as they left, we all got ready for Cacky's birthday party at John and Kayla's house! We ordered pizza, Kayla had apps out and there was a lemon cheese cake (not a cheesecake, apparently) and ice cream for dessert! We had a fun time celebrating!

Sunday morning, we were lazy, lazy. I had to keep our church's nursery, but Eddie woke up with a sore throat so he and the boys decided to stay home. After I got done at church, I came home and we had lunch and then the boys and I headed to Cacky's to play with Merritt and Liam a little more. Everything else on Sunday was low-key!

Monday morning we got up and got going a little later than normal. (Holidays are nice for sleeping in!) Eddie and the boys ran an errand and I got started on Pumpkin Muffins! These are our favorite fall treat! Soooo yummy. Eddie got a little yard work done and I read and read and read and read. (Holidays are nice for reading!) We just had an overall nice day! Will is signed up for a new gymnastics class and we all went to that yesterday afternoon. It. was. awesome. Because it was a holiday weekend, NO ONE ELSE was in his group so he got a private first lesson (and it was a trial so it was free!). Will has INCREDIBLE upper body strength and we've thought for a long time that he would excel at gymnastics. He also needs something that is HIS, not James', and this fits the bill. If James wants to do it, too, he can't until spring (because we have rules about how many activities you can participate in and James has met his max). Will loved every minute of gymnastics yesterday. They pretty much did everything they could - stretches, uneven bars, parallel bars, rings, vault, horizontal bar, rope climbing, and jumping into the foam pit. He smiled the whole time and we were so proud of him!

Last night after the boys went to bed, Eddie and I put together four freezer meals in 20 minutes. It was awesome! I have felt WAY out of sync since starting to work so much more often, and we are eating out about 4-5 nights a week. PROBLEM. So I gathered up four crockpot recipes on Monday and we shopped and put those together last night. Now we can just pull one out the night before and throw it in the crockpot for supper. I'm going to try to do 4-5 more each week in the coming weeks. Then we won't have any excuse NOT to eat at home. Hallelujah! I'll share the recipes here soon.

Today, we have lazed around and/or worked around the house once again. I had my barre class and James is headed to tennis later. Tomorrow, we all head back to work and school, but it's just a three-day week! We can handle that!

We are praying that Irma isn't as bad as she looks right now, but we are also bracing ourselves for a ton of rain/storms next week. Praying for those of you in the path of that storm.

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