Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Prep!

Well, for the first time in the 27 years I've lived in South Georgia, we faced a hurricane this week. Tropical storms? Yes. We've had those. But in my memory, I don't think we've ever had a hurricane hit. And yesterday they were predicting that it might hit us at Category THREE. Pack me up! Let's get out of here!

But we've stayed. We're here, riding it out. I jokingly told Eddie we needed to add "ride out a hurricane" to our bucket lists over the weekend, but it looks like we won't be able to mark it off now. The news I'm seeing says that we've been downgraded to a Tropical Storm and at most a Cat 1. We shall see!!!

We've been prepping and prepping and praying and praying. I have a few things packed in case we need to jump in the car and head to Eddie's office where they have a basement. I have water in the freezer. We have snacks. I've filled two bathtubs with water in case ours goes out (I've heard mixed stories about whether we'll lose water or not after the power goes out). We're charging electronics. We've all taken "one last shower." 

BEST case scenario will be strong winds and rain and two days off from school. Of course, losing power would make things harder. I am not a happy person without power, but I'll make do. 


We are in the midst of Irma right now. Several trees and lots of limbs down, but so far our power remains! We are safe and stir-crazy already! Ha! It feels a little like Christmas morning (getting up early, exhausted, and not going anywhere because nothing is open!) without the presents. So far, our swing set and sandbox remain, although we sort of expect one or both to bite the dust.

Eddie Cantore keeps opening the doors and walking outside. I've threatened him a number of times, but he's ignoring me. I've posted a few times on Insta Stories so if you want to see the storm, follow me there!

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