Monday, May 9, 2016

May Goals.

Last month I wrote a list of goals at the beginning of April. I didn't mark everything off of that list (it was LONG), but I did focus on those things for the whole month and I'm so pleased with how it turned out that I thought I'd do it again! Because THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL (for Will and me), I'll have a little more time this month to get 'er done.

1. 100 miles logged on my FitBit.
2. Sign up and pay for the boys' camps.
3. Update teacher certification!
4. Organize master closet
5. Organize office.
6. EIGHT books read.
7. Two books read to boys.
8. Finish X-Files Season 3 & 4. (I have a little Netflix obsession going on.)
9. Finish Blue Bloods.
10. Read Bible in a Year through June.
11. Blog 15 times.
12. Cross 5 things off our summer bucket list.
13. Front porch makeover!
14. Get Jamberry and Keep businesses organized.

I love the accountability of making my lists. It has given me a TON of focus and clarity recently. If I have a few minutes during the day I focus on taking care of a few things on my list and it's such a welcome change! Eddie and I joke that I never got my feet back under me after I had Will. I was a very organized stay-at-home mom with James. I had a routine, supper was almost always cooked, I just had it together. For the past four years I've been flailing a little bit and he has COMPLETELY picked up my slack. I think it has a lot to do with the anxiety that I deal with, but I'm hoping this helps.


Anna Catherine said...

If like a list of what you are currently reading to the boys! That covers one of your 15 blog topics. I'm reading Alice's Advebtures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass to Merritt while she plays.

Meggie said...

I need to update my teacher certification too! I just can't remember how... ha! Let me know if you remember. =)