Friday, April 29, 2016

Summer 2016 List!

Every summer for a while now I have made a list of fun to-dos for our family. It gives us some ideas on days when we're so bored and it gives our summer a little structure. This summer is SLAP FULL {there's a Southern expression for you!} of structure. We are so busy we don't have a ton of time for anything else, but I HATE that and want to make the most of our days and enjoy the time I have with my kiddos. I'm working all summer long. It isn't REAL work, but I'm the director of our preschool's summer camp this year so we're busy five out of ten weeks of summer just with that! We also have several trips planned, a week of VBS, two weeks of kids' camps at a local museum, and a week of baseball camp planned. And then school starts back AUGUST 2nd!!!! Can you believe that nonsense?

Our summer list begins May 1st and ends September 1st because I like to try to make our summer longer than the school system thinks that it is. It's 105* here for six months so summer should last longer than two months. are the things we'll be marking off the list this summer! I'm happy to share the non-water-marked version of this, just shoot me an email and I'll send it your way. And I highly recommend making these lists for your family. It's always fun to hear what your kids want to do and it's a nice way to set some goals for the time you'll have off!


Anna Catherine said...

I like the last one best and we can knock some things off your list! Let's talk about the water park though! Are you seriously considering going to one you germaphobe?!?

Dixie Delights said...

I love your list!!! Great ideas!