Monday, April 18, 2016

Strawberry Pickin'

Last Wednesday, I went with Will's class to the strawberry patch! This is only his second field trip, but I've been to this particular farm four point six million bajillion times. I have the field trip memorized. It's fun to go with my babies, though! We had a great morning! {It also happened to be a preschool teacher work day and I have to say, it was SO much easier to spend the afternoon working when I had the morning to play!}

We started our morning picking strawberries in the field. Will got the hang of it very quickly! He filled his container up in no time at all {and ate the whole container by himself the same day!}. 

Next stop? Playground and ice cream!

Last stop was the  barn to see the animals followed by a wagon ride!

{This is Porkchop. Last year, he was small!}

Such a fun day with my little guy! Can't wait to take James back on a Saturday. We need more strawberries since someone ate them all up!

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