Tuesday, December 1, 2015

25 Days of Christmas: North Pole Breakfast

I feel like sort of a North Pole Breakfast failure this year. Over Thanksgiving, I got myself into the habit of staying up until after 2AM (I'm a night owl...it's who I am and I have tried to change that about myself over the years...it's here to say, I'm afraid) and then sleeping in the morning. Well, on the night that George and Clark W. Griswold (the reindeer) came back I did the same and when the boys came BOUNDING in before 7AM I dragged myself out of the bed, went to see him, and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. Whoops! I know I shared these pictures the other day, but they're the only ones I have. Whoops!

George typically brings little gifts with him. He started the first year with an ornament and some tableware, if I'm not mistaken. This year he brought each boy a new pair of Christmas jammies, a new Christmas book, and a nutcracker because James thinks they have a nutcracker collection (and I guess they do because they now own six or eight of them...every boy with a nut allergy needs a nutcracker collection, right?)

He also brought the boys a Lego Advent Calendar. I really, really didn't want to have a "secular" Advent calendar last year, but I let George bring it this year because James is SO into Legos and I figure we do a lot of other stuff at Christmas. This is really just a countdown. He and Will are taking turns opening the Legos or putting an ornament on their magnetic Christmas tree countdown.

All in all it was a great North Pole Breakfast and the boys have been THRILLED that George is back! This year he's trying to encourage Christmas kindness. Hopefully the boys will learn SOMETHING from us about being kind and generous. Sometimes it  seems like a futile attempt at a lesson. We shall see.

We love the elf! {I'm writing this on December 3rd and back-posting, but yesterday James got in trouble at school and his teacher told him that she was going to write a letter to Santa and send it via George. He was HORRIFIED. I don't think he'll get in trouble at school again anytime soon. She said it took everything in her not to laugh at the look on his face when she said that. HA! 

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