Friday, October 30, 2015


Today is my birthday. I'm 32 years old. To say that the past decade has FLOWN by would be an understatement. There is something about getting married and having kids that makes time seem to go by faster. There are SO MANY THINGS that I want to see and do {and don't get me wrong, we see and do a LOT of things each year}. This is my list of things I'd love to accomplish by the time I turn 33. I'll keep the post updated throughout the year. I'd love to know what your list would include!

1. Read the Bible cover to cover. I've tried this several times and haven't ever completed it.
2. Lose 20 pounds. This is probably one of the most ambitious goals on my list. I really, really want to accomplish this one. 20 pounds over the course of a year is TOTALLY do-able, right?
3. Catch up on my Shutterfly books. All I need to do is turn my blog into photo albums for the boys!
4. Girls' trip to the beach. We haven't done this in quite some time.
5. Go to one state I've never visited. We've stuck to South Carolina and Florida for quite some time. I'd like to load the boys up and drive somewhere. Pile into the family roadster. Lol!
6. Get a pair of "good" jeans. This should probably be post-20-pounds.
7. Christmas lights at Chehaw. I just love a good Christmas lights show.
8. Read 10 nonfiction books.
9. Read 10 fiction books.
10. Read 10 classics.
11. Deal with my anxiety. This one has reached an all-time high recently. It is almost debilitating. I'll blog more about it another time, but y'all. I could use some work here.
12. Draft a will.
13. Sponsor a Compassion child with my Jamberry/Keep commission. {You can help me here by hosting a party! *wink*}
14. Planned dates once a month.
15. Anniversary trip! This won't be big, but it will be fun!
16. Log 1,000 miles on my FitBit. I'm sort of hit-or-miss with wearing mine. I need to wear it DAILY.
17. 21 Day Fix twice through. This is an awesome DVD exercise series that I love. I just don't do it often enough. It would help with my 20 pounds goal!
18. Organize the garage and park in it! We are still using it like a storage unit. CLEAN IT OUT.
19. Organize the office! I'd love a little spot for crafting but it currently looks like a junk room.
20. A big, big, BIG trip? This one is still in the discussion stages so I'll update if it happens.
21. Capsule Closet. I switch my clothes out by season. I'm so tired of hauling that stuff in and out. I want just the clothes that I wear and I want them all hanging in my closet year round. This is going to take a TON of work.
22. Yard Sale! Because after all of that cleaning out...
23. Renew my teaching certificate. {My understanding is that I DON'T have to have any hours this time...Anyone know the details on this?}
24. TWO new team members on Jamberry and TWO new team members on Keep. I would LOVE to have YOU join me.
25. See manatees in Florida.
26. One room challenge - front porch. This is a six-week room makeover. Front porch is first on the list.
27. One room challenge - boys' bedroom. This will be up second. I have the cutest little plan for their room. Let's get it done!
28. One room challenge - playroom. Again, great plans! :)
29. Hike Providence Canyon. When we went this summer we talked about going back. Let's do it in December and add in Callaway Gardens' lights and the Little White House.
30. See Wicked!
31. Find the best ever biscuit recipe! {This is counterintuitive for my 20 pounds goal!} I need a GOOD biscuit recipe. I love a biscuit but my only success has been with the canned/frozen variety.
32. Learn to cross stitch. I feel like this ought to be SIMPLE.
33. Swim with dolphins!!! :) 

There is a lot of TRAVEL on this list. Here's hoping I can get it all knocked out!


pcb said...

Great goals!

1. I have this book and it's made it easy to read through the Bible in a year...I've managed to do it twice:

4. Important! Do it!

11. I feel you on this one; it can be pretty overwhelming.

13. I've been sponsoring a girl in El Salvador since 2009 and I believe Compassion to be an amazing organization.

21. This one isn't as hard as you think. I finally have mine so that there is space between the clothes, too, and I love it. I will say that I've been able to ditch "teaching clothes" and that helped immensely.

31. I make a decent biscuit, courtesy of lessons by my mother-in-law. However, I loved watching this (actually, this woman is deadpan hilarious, despite being a sexual and domestic abuse survivor, and most of her videos crack me up):

Lauren said...

Fun list and big plans!!!
#2 me too :|
#8,9 and 10 That made me exhausted just thinking of all that reading!
#21 I started this a few months ago and NEVER finished. Ugh. Story of my life. Maybe you doing yours will get my fanny in gear and motivate me!?

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did you do anything to celebrate!?

Amy said...

HAPPY HAPPY DAY! and love these goals! i feel you on A LOT of them. i will say that i have "dealt" with my anxiety and it truly is life changing - i highly recommend doing whatever you need to to get it under control (besides heavy drinking or anything of the illegal sort-haha!)
i'm pledging to read through the entire bible as well.
and let me know what you find out about teaching certificates, i guess i probably should renew mine, too. blah.