Monday, October 5, 2015

31 Days of Halloween. Grown Up Halloween Movies.

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I shared earlier about my favorite kids' Halloween movies. We are BIG chickens at our house. Eddie is not a fan of scary movies at ALL {he doesn't "mess with dead folks"} and I don't like to watch them alone so typically the scariest we get is something that the kids can watch. I grew up with a friend who LOVED to watch scary movies, though, and she and I watched them often. I also have very fond memories of going with a group of friends a LOT of nights during the summer to rent a scary movie at Blockbuster {hello, 1990-something!} and piling up at a friend's house for take out supper and a movie. But by myself? Not often...

These, though, are some of my favorites from over the years.

1. Jaws. Y'all know my love of animals-gone-crazy movies. No surprise here! It's not a Halloween movie, but it's suspenseful!
2. Arachnophobia. This remains one of my FAVORITE movies. I don't own it, but if it comes on TV I'm all over it.
3. Tremors. I'd forgotten all about Tremors until it came on this summer. Hokey, hokey, hokey, but good for some entertainment.
4. Pirates of the Caribbean. Because Halloween and pirates go hand-in-hand, right?
5. and 6. Something Wicked This Way Comes and Watcher in the Woods are two that I haven't ever seen {and really COULD fall under the kids' column}, but they're on my list to see soon. A friend LOVED them growing up and I've missed out.
7. Halloween. Can you hear the theme song? Oooohhhh, it's another favorite. I haven't watched in years, but I loved it in middle and high school!
8. If you've never seen Young Frankenstein, find yourself a copy this year. Eddie is a huge Mel Brooks fan. I've watched this dozens of times. It's hilarious. Roll, roll, roll in zee hay! What big knockers! Sank you!
9. Psycho. LOVE Alfred Hitchcock. I bought a whole set of his DVDs for myself a few years ago and this is one of my favorites. The Birds picture wouldn't show up, but it, too, is a favorite! You need to watch both of those, people!
10. Ghostbusters. They're remaking this and I'm sad about it. I'm not one of those in its cult following, but I do like the original and don't particularly love those picked to remake it. :/ 
11. Poltergeist is another one that is just GOOD Halloween. I recorded the ABC family version last year so I wouldn't scare myself too much.
12. Scream. This was a favorite in high school. I loved them all!
13. The Skeleton Key is INSANELY suspenseful and spooky. I saw it in the theater and almost wet my pants. It's GOOD for scaring yourself.
And because I don't really want to just leave off on 13...I didn't remember to include Urban Legend, but I like that one and I also forgot to include Close Encounters of the Third Kind. That's also one of my favorites. {Steven Spielberg anything is a favorite!}

What are your favorite grown-up scary movies?

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